Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Turning a Year Older

Turning a year older…

Doesn’t mean I’m any wiser. I’ve learned a couple of things along the way, but I have also been stupid enough to repeat the same mistakes as well. I’ve known friends and colleagues younger than me who are far wiser.

Doesn’t mean I have loads of experiences. Again, I know of people who have gone through so much more than one should in a lifetime. I hear their stories and am amazed and humbled by their courage, strength and tenacity.

Doesn’t mean I have mellowed down. In fact, far from it. Getting older means I have a somewhat clearer perspective of life. I have found my niche. I have discovered where my passion lies. Doesn’t knowing all these make you pursue your dreams with more determination?

Doesn’t mean I am better at handling losses. Having said goodbye so many times in life has not made it any easier. But I have learned to keep my palms open and not clutch at relationships. Friends come and go, and I do the same to them—come and go, I mean. I have learned to simply enjoy the time given to me and my friends.

Doesn’t mean I have less to learn. In many cases, I seldom get to say, “Been there, done that.” Each experience, no matter how similar, is unique and so I discover new things to learn about me, about life, about God.

Doesn’t mean that I will jump on any unfortunate single man that crosses my path. In fact, the older one gets—the higher one’s standard tends to be—especially after having seen a lot of good and bad marriages and especially after knowing oneself better.

Doesn’t mean that I consider kid’s stuff beneath me. I can assure you that my friend’s 8-year-old son can have as much fun playing with me as he would friends his age, and I consider that a wonderful thing.

Doesn’t mean you can’t teach an old dog new tricks...well, depends on the old dog! But as for me…this one-year-old blog is Exhibit A.

Doesn’t mean I have become a disciplined, organized and solid, responsible person. You just need to come and look at my wee little house and my office desk. BUT this is not for lack of trying…

Doesn’t mean I've stopped planning about the future and just taking in what comes along. I still have a lot of plans and dreams—some have been fulfilled and so have not. I have also learned not to fret about things I have no control of, and to take them in stride. But I continue to plan, to pursue my dreams and in so doing, be a good steward of this one more year that God has given me.


vernaloo said...

Happy Birthday to you! You belong to the zoo! With the monkeys and the donkeys! And the kangaroos too! lolz

I pray for inner peace and happiness for you my friend. Hopefully this year will be a lot more fruitful for you especially with your upcoming trip to the UK :)


Adobobo said...

Wow, you sound like a lot of fun! XD

My one wish is that when I grow older, I won't lead a boring life. I guess I have an inspiration now! LOL!

Happy Birthday 'Te!

Gypsy said...

Vernaloo, Thanks, friend! And don't you just know..I AM operating from a ZOO--with no plans of escaping!!! Hehehe.

Adobobo, fun mo lang..hehe. Ate dayun imong tawag? Para ingon lang ko one year older ko...I didn't know I was soo giving myself away..duh! Thanks for the greeting!

hoop said...

Happy Birthday Gypsy!

merilion said...

happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to YOU!!!!

ayan nag-comment nako, ha? :D

prayed for you, ate. :)

Anonymous said...

hi, jie. its Eponine again.Your friend from Davao. Happy birthday diay!i tried calling you this morning, but you're not answering. Hmmm, asa ka man diay?

Abaniko said...

Hapi bday! So, kelan ka magpapakasal? Nyahaha.

snglguy said...

Ooops! Happy Birthday, Gypsy! *hingal hingal* Nakahabol pa ba? :-D

Ugh! I stopped counting after the big FOUR O 6 years ago. Oh wait... that still counts as counting, right? :-D

Gypsy said...

Hoop, thanks! :)

Merilion, thanks for the prayer. :) May bago ka na bang post? I do drop by your blog and visit often..and waiting for a new post!

Eponine, thanks for the effort, though. Am in whole day sessions for the rest of the week--whatta a way to spend my birthday, huh? Singit singit lang checking my blog and cellphone. Hehe.

Abaniko, bad ka ha...tsk tsk tsk...

Snglguy, thanks, nakahabol ka nga! Hehe. Hmm...am not in the 4-0 league yet and so haven't stopped counting, by then siguro count my blessings na lang..hehe.

Mon said...

Happy birthday gypsy.

naks ha each year is a better you. kung meron sa list na hinde pa natin nagawa this past year, meron pa namang next year. i-appreaciate na lang natin ang buhay.

saludo si mon :)

Swipe said...

Hey Gypsy, belated happy birthday! I hope it was a good one.

Excellent post. I wish I came up with it that I might plegiarize it on my birthday. hehehe. I gotta admit that I have most of the same sentiments during my birthdays.

M I C H E L L E said...

Happy birthday Gypsy! Wow one year older... more blessing for you. God bless! :)

sillyserious said...

ei! happy birthday, gypsy! i knew i missed something yesterday! i had the feeling that it was someone's bday but i just couldn't remember who. ikaw diay!

the Lord bless and keep you
the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace

zherwin said...

happy birthday to you, a fellow Aries, we share the same month and i am just one day ahead of you.

cheers to us for a better year! :)

Leah said...

A birthday and a blog anniversary. Greetings for both. Blessings and many more great posts like this one.

melai said...

happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday
happy birthday
happy birthday to u!!!
how old are u?

Gypsy said...

Mon, hmm..I don't know about a better me each year--but--thanks anyway! :)

Swipe, thanks! I can always TAG you to come up with your own list on your birthday! So, there you go...you've been tagged!

Michelle, thanks!! OLDER nga. Have to work harder on the WISER part. Hehe.

Sillyserious, thanks! You see..dili kumpleto imohang adlaw kay kalimut ka nako! Hehe.

Zherwin, thanks for dropping by and happy birthday to you too!!

Leah, thanks! I started blogging two days after my birthday--so technically, TODAY, the 29th, is my blog's birthday! :)But since my intention that time was to put the first post on my birthday..I will just share birthdays with my blog. Whatever works, right? Hehe.

Melai, thanks! Hmm...I am OLD ENOUGH for some to expect me to be WISER..but YOUNG enough to know that I need to learn some more. Hehe.

Swipe said...

This post is a tough act to follow. I think you covered all the bases.

sexy mom said...

happy happy birthday, Gypsy! i like your "doesn't mean", ALL realistic...all true!

dimaks said...

Greetings to you!!! more blessings ahead. Don't wish though. Take! :D

Mon said...

Oo nga hindi ko din alam kung bakit yun ang comment ko. Ang akala ko kasi, to truely know oneself we must first know who or what we're not. Sa dami ng "Doesn't mean" akala ko ganon din kadami ang "Does mean".

tuloy ko pa ba? :P

ah basta happy birthday!!!!

Gypsy said...

Swipe, I have FAITH in you, especially after proving twice that you can write so well even (especially?) when you're drunk! Haha!

Sexy Mom, thanks! I guess what getting old DOES MEAN is that I have no illusions/delusions about myself.:)

Dimaks...wish ko lang maka grab din ako! Hehe.

Mon, hehe. Dapat nga may "does mean" din ano? Thanks anyway! :)

Lazarus said...

I thought i posted something here when I first read this post. Ah forgetful me!

Happy happy birthday Gypsy. May God continually shower you with more blessings!

Toe said...

Excellent and insightful post Gypsy! May all your wishes come true this year. Hey, you already have a great year to look forward to with your scholarship in the UK! Happy happy birthday!!! :)

Gypsy said...

Lazarus and Toe
Thanks! And yes, that scholarhship was a great birthday gift. :)

kathy said...

Hey Gypsy, belated happy birthday! Pareho pala tayong March. ;) This "doesn't mean" list is so witty and insightful!

Here's wishing you a blessed year ahead! :)

niceheart said...

Happy birthday gypsy. I like your list. And you say you're not any wiser? Believe it or not, you are. :)

annamanila said...

Splendid birthday reflections. Happy birthday.

Yes, your blog site is testimonial how you grew. Your desk? I bet it can't hold a candle to mine, junk for junk.

This quote may give you some comfort: A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. An empty desk is an indication of an empty mind. Now, choose.