Friday, March 16, 2007

Better than Coffee

Kill him! Kill him!!

Now Showing in the aircon bus I hopped on this morning was obviously NOT an Air Supply Concert.

It's Jet Li taking on 4 thugs in a fighting match.

Of course, he allowed himself to be beaten up, left right center, just for the fun of it, before that intent "'s my turn..." look comes into his almost expressionless face and he clobbers every single one of them.

Gore galore.

Sure beats coffee.


vernaloo said...

Watching a movie or TV on the bus gives me a terrible headache :)

"'s my turn..." look----------> oh yeah lolz...bidas need to be beaten up first before they retaliate...crazy

snglguy said...

Violence for breakfast? I wouldn't be surprised if you're stressed out before noon. :-)

Swipe said...

Gore galore...

Sounds like An Inconvenient Truth. Yeah I know it's corny but I couldn't resist.

Gypsy said...

Verns, patawa nga mga bida, no? Kelangan pang magpabugbug bago mambugbug..masokista ata tawag niya di ba? Hehe.

Snglguy, well, if it's not the violent movies they show, its the demonic way the bus driver drives that will stress me least I won't need caffeine to wake me up! :)

Swipe..hmmm..maybe this will be the only blog post in the world where we'll see a tinge of association between Al Gore and Jet Li. Hehe.

Mon said...

Ganda naman ng style - nag pa api muna bago gumanti.

Hmmm gave me an idea sa next mission ko.

dimaks said...

the smell of the bad air conditioning ambience makes me sleep :) but I like jet li's movies too.

Gypsy said...

Mon, hehe, para mas exciting (daw). Mission mo? Hmm..ano naman kaya yan, hehe. Bisita nga kita. Hehe.

Dimaks, actually okey pa ang aircon pag umaga. :)

melai said...

parang pinoy action movies ha na ginaya sa hollywood action movies :)

pakape nga rin ako :)

Gypsy said...

Oo nga eh. Dapat ginaya din ang patilya ni FPJ para complete.BWAHAHA!