Monday, February 18, 2008

Can Hardly Wait

Outside the sun shines in all its brilliant glory. The gigantic plane tree is still naked—barely a leaf to cover its many scrawny arms and fingers. But under its stark monstrosity, a carpet of lavender flowers is slowly unfurling, spreading out and overtaking the green grass that had held on to its vibrance through the winter months.

And its just mid February. It seems like spring can hardly wait to come in and shoo the bitterness of winter away.

And I can hardly wait to go out and enjoy the brilliant weather outside, especially knowing how the warmth of the sun has taken the edge of the winter chill that still lingers—hopefully not too long now.

Can hardly wait. How impatient I sound! But these days, I find myself not being able to say, “I can hardly wait to go home.” A few months ago, that would have been so easy to blurt out and mean it. But with friendships formed, life settling into a comfortable, predictable pattern with splashes of spontaneity, the strange has become the familiar—and I find myself singing a different tune.

But then again, as I remember the warmth of the weather back home, the good friends back home, the food back home, the work/lifestyle I enjoy so much back home, I find I can actually say, I can hardly wait.

There are still a number of months before I finally go home but my feelings are as ambiguous and unpredictable as the English weather—now dark and damp, now bright and dry, now sunny and foggy.

If life can simply be like neat little compartments, things would be less ambiguous, less complicated, less of a hassle…and then again, less of a life.

Oh well, I can hardly wait---for life to continue its unfolding. Ambiguity can be the spice of life.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Odds are Good!

Speaking of "odds" are some photos of odd and not-so-odd stuff around the UK...

Speaking of British Dry Wit....

Nothing is impossible...(oink if you agree!)


Guess who?

Seen him around?

Speaking of chunky...could this be him?!


A refreshing (and life-saving!) sign for the mildly dyslexic (like me!)

Monday, February 04, 2008

You Just Have to Laugh...

At the city center one night, while enjoying the chill in the air, and steaming hot coffee, a strong aroma of grilled beef made all our heads turn. It was from an open-air hamburger stall that said “THE BEST BRITISH BEEF.”

Rachel turns to me and says, “So, what do you think of our British Beef?”

I whispered loudly to her ear, “MAD COW.”

Her husband, Mark, pokes me with his finger and says, “How dare you call my wife names!”


George from Uganda touches his 1/8 inch close crop of hair and sighs.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

George gives another loud sigh, “I need a haircut, my hair is so long!”


Rachel’s dad nudged Paul, the only single guy in the party and with a sideways glance at the group of us single girls, “Hey, aren’t the odds good for you tonight?”

Paul looks at us chattering away and sighs, “Yeah…but the goods are odd.”