Sunday, March 11, 2007

Five Random Facts About Moi

I was tagged by Beng centuries ago, but never got around to make the list—there’s just too many odd things about me so I had to sift through them (and make sure I don’t scare people away!)

1. I’m an almost-UP Fine Arts student. After graduating from Ateneo de Davao, I came to Manila to check out the supposedly greener pastures. While waiting for a job, I checked out UP Fine Arts and wondered if I could get in for a second Bachelor’s degree. So I went and drew sketches and whatever the entrance exam demanded. A few weeks later, I found out I passed! But by then I already got myself a job, so I chose to earn rather than spend!

I spent one memorable month in Nepal. I thoroughly enjoyed hiking up the Himalayan range (Tibetan side), playing with Nepali kids, warm showers under gazillions of stars (some shower stalls were roofless), wrapping myself up in my warm sleeping bag of down feathers, sipping ginger milk tea, eating vegetarian food (dhal baat) and apple pancake every day during the trek and playing UNO cards with our porters under a candle light, making it all the way up to 4,000 meters above sea level, and greeted not only by snow-capped mountains but also by a San Miguel Beer sign. (Go figure!)

3. I bring sachets of tomato ketchup wherever I go—courtesy of McDonalds, Jollibee, KFC, etc. That is, I love smothering ketchup on my sunny side ups, anything fried, on my stir-fried noodles, burgers, etc. Sometimes the places I go to don’t have ketchup, so I bring them along—in case of emergency. It has worked well for me. Hehehe.

4. My colleagues suspect I have dyslexia. Symptoms? Well...I’m embarrassingly slow at telling time from watches with hands, (analog watches--is that you call them?) that all my wristwatches are digital. I’m also bad at identifying the push/pull sign on glass doors, or the close/open symbols in elevators and…the piece de resistance…I can’t tell my right from my left.

5. When I was a kid, I used to love reading Tagalog comics. I would go to the nearest comics rental stall and rent and read the whole day—sitting with the neighborhood tambays (loafers) and tricycle drivers who were as addicted as I was. This is why my grades in my Filipino subjects were always good. Ahem.

I guess I can’t really tag anyone else, I might just be the last remaining blogger who hasn’t done this meme! Anyway, thinking through this was fun!


Abaniko said...

How do you want sachets of ketchup wrapped on your birthday? :)

vernaloo said...

#4...are you describing me? lolz I'm having trouble with my left and my right too. One time, when I was still driving, my cousin was giving me directions and when she said "right" I of course turned left hehe So nowadays I have to raise my right hand first for me to be sure that it's my right. I'm right-handed so that's my only indication hehe :)

#1- sana pinursue mo :)
#2- wow! that sounds really cool. You were there for vacation or something?
#3- hehehehe
#5- same here!

Lazarus said...

Tagalog comiks. I also had fun reading those. but I love the Bisaya magazine much better.

Gypsy said...

Abaniko--hala, sige ka! Malapit na bday ko!! I want it wrapped like a bouquet..and please, di included ang sachets of banana ketchup na kasama sa siopao. Hehe.

Verns, uy kindred spirit pala tayo. I also need to hold up my hands to know which is left and which is right. Most embarrasing moment ko ay yong tinabihan ako ng gym instructor sa group exercise dahil di ko masunod ang left and right steps. *blush*

Lazarus, naa diay Bisaya?! Wala lagi ko kahibalo ana...sayang! :)

Mon said...

Hi Gypsy sa ganda ng description sa iyo ni Verns hindi ko magawang hindi sundan ang link.

Just want to say hi

snglguy said...

Cool! You've been to Nepal and hiked up the Himalayan range. Very Lonely Planet-ish... :-)

And btw, thanks for the visit and the link. :-)

Alternati said...

Mmmmm... I have an equal addiction to ketchup as well. Aside from fried food, I also dip chips in em, and on occasion dip fruit in it as well.

I don't know that many dyslexic people but you might have it! Perhaps Coffee has something to do with it? hehehe.. kidding.

A month in Nepal sounds amazing! Did you meet the Dalai Lama? hehehe

I got here from Vern's blog.

Grace D. Chong said...

Dear Jojie,

I could relate with no. 5. And how! I used to do exactly the same thing -- the only difference is, my Filipino grades never improved! I still can't write a decent short Filipino essay. My Ilocano genes won't leave me alone. Keep blogging. And thanks for visiting my site.

Gypsy said...

Mon, thanks for dropping by--di ko alam na cute pala yong hindi alam ang left sa right. Hehe.

Snglguy, sobrang saya talaga Nepal experience ko, and as for the Lonely Planet-style of travel..I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

Alternati, thanks for the visit. Nope I am afraid i didnt get to meet the Dalai Lama, but I did bump into A LOT of his followers (mostly Westerners)!! Dipping fruits in Ketchup--hmm...that's new. Ma-try nga! Hehe.

Ate Grace, so you write stories in English pala--I thought that some of them were in Filipino. Okey lang, your talent in storytelling more than makes up for it!;)

dimaks said...

hey am also a tagalog komiks reader hehe.. ang daming komiks stands sa city namin noon. Ngayon wala na.. nakakamis din :)

Leah said...

So a month of adventure sounds like real fun. Should i search your archives for more details?
thanks for the link, i've linked you as well.

rhodora said...

Hi, Gypsy!

I also liked reading Tagalog komiks before. I guess that was how I really learned to speak Tagalog. (I'm from Pangasinan).

And you stayed in Nepal for a month? Wow! That is one of my dream place to visit! :)

Gypsy said...

Dimaks, totoo ka, nakakamiss nga..:)

Leah, thanks for the link. My Nepal trip was during my pre-blogging so, this is my first entry about it. Maybe I should do a "trip down memory" lane post and talk about day. :)

Rohodora, dami pala natin Tagalog comics fans! Hanggang Pugad Baboy na lang ako ngayon..hehe. Yup, that Nepal trip was really a dream come true! Hope you get to visit...You can get a cheap flight via Cebu Pacific to Bangkok and fly Royal Nepal Airlines to Kathmandu from there. Cheers!!