Thursday, November 30, 2006

Will I or Won't I Miss My Flight?

I started the year missing a flight. I rushed to the airport in January to catch the morning flight back to Manila...and found out when I was at the counter that my flight was yesterday.

Middle of the year, I was dawdling around Changi Airport in Singapore and happened to check my flight sched then made a mad rush to the departure lounge (see one of my previous blog entries) thinking I was going to miss my flight again! I didn't...just read my boarding time wrong...can't get those military time computed right..duh!

Coming back to Manila from Davao first week of November, I only realized the night before that my flight was three hours earlier than I almost missed flight! Good thing a friend who knew about my January blooper texted me and teased me about checking my flight sched the night before...

Now am all packed up and psyched up to fly home to Davao from Manila this afternoon via Cebu Pacific. And what do you know, the typhoon that's bashing Southern Luzon big time is heading north! Flights with PAL and smaller aircrafts have already been of all days.

I seem to pick up a pattern here...

Will I miss this flight? Will see...

PS. I did make it home..Hurray! :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Of Personalities and Temperaments

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a training where we took a Myers Briggs personality test. I’ve done that a couple of times in the past and have already known I was an “E” as in extroverted (why else would I choose to blog rather than write on a paper journal?!) but forgot the rest.

Well, now I’m reminded: I’m an ENTJ.

E means Extroverted. No surprise there! Though this doesn’t mean that I need to always be around people…I still long for “alone” times, moments when I can be my own person and not have to worry about the needs or cares of others, moments when I can just spend time with myself and my thoughts.

N means iNtuitive, that is someone who sees the forest and not just the trees. I know the value of details…as long as they lead to a bigger picture, or a valid point. The material we were given also says it is someone who tends to “work in bursts of energy powered by enthusiasm with slack periods in between.” Hah! That sounds exactly like me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

T means Thinking. I do get accused of analyzing things too much. Although the material says Thinking people tend to “hurt people’s feelings without knowing,” I would like to think that my extroverted nature balances this off with an awareness of people’s reactions and feelings. I may fumble a bit with diplomacy…but not for lack of trying!

J means Judging—but not the way people use the term! Judging types are people who tend to be satisfied only once a decision or judgment is made. It also says that Judging types tend to “decide things too quickly”...and with the number of “ooops” I have committed in my life, I guess that’s very true!

On the whole it might sound pretty intimidating but I wonder, really, if this is the true me…I wonder too if, aside from the “E,” the NTJ are only because I‘m an E?? That is, could the rest of my personality be because I am externally motivated? Maybe I do have a alter ego! What I do know is that if I’ve no responsibilities, I could be a really good bum, one who might actually make it to the Guinness Book of World Records for spending the longest number of hours watching TV…a professional couch potato! Oh, wow, that may sound pathetic so I’m really thankful I have friends who will make sure this won’t happen…sigh!

What’s yours? Check your personality type out!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Move over, Ethan Hunt!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

La Vida Loca!

When I went to Singapore to study some years ago, the first letter I got from home was from a guy friend, and he wrote:

“I actually was planning to court you, but I had a hard time keeping track of where you were, so I finally gave up…”

In one of the places I’ve stayed for a couple of years, which I am hardly ever in, the caretaker jokingly asked me once when I came home,

“Why are you home?”

Last week, while I was in the middle of a messy bedroom, with clothes and other stuff strewn all over the place, figuring out what to put into my luggage, my sister-in-law came in and asked,

“Are you coming or going?”

Story of my life.

Since graduating from college, I've never spent more than three years in one place. And when I do stay in one place, I end up traveling so much I’m hardly ever home!

People who wander into my bedroom or office would notice one thing: it has no personal touch. A good friend has set me straight since, “…make yourself at home wherever you are! Don’t let it look like a hotel or an anonymous workplace! No wonder you are stressed can you relax if you don’t feel at home?” The proof that I have indeed followed this advice is the number of plants I have sent to heaven.

Am I complaining? No way! This gypsy life may have had its “dire” consequences and inconveniences, like maybe losing a potential husband to someone else (Hah!)and losing stuff as I move from place to place (I have yet to master the art of photo on the left shows). But no regrets.

This life has brought me to places I've never dreamed I'd go to, given me experiences so exciting that I wouldn’t mind going through them again and brought me into relationships that are more precious than any material thing I can think of.

Next year, I might just move again. Now if only I can work out how to pack…

Thursday, November 02, 2006

25 Personal Questions To Muddle Your Heart and Mind With

...and everyone on my blogroll is tagged!

1. What would the title of your autobiography be?
Square Peg in a Round Hole: How to Fit in and Still be Unique

2 Which actress would best play you in the film of your life?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Zhang Ziyi (ahem.)

3 If you were a country, which one would you be?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Still the Philippines!

4 If your philosophy in life could be summarized on a car sticker, what would it say?
Love Life!

5 If you could choose your own nickname, what would it be?

6 If people used your name as a verb, what would it be for? (as in he did a sarah last weekend)
Making a witty comeback

7 If you had your 15 minutes of fame, what would it be for?
Writing a Revolutionary Children’s Book that will inspire kids everywhere to reach out to people, whatever color their skin is.

8 If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Eowyn of the Lord of the Rings

9 What three qualities in a man would be essential for him to quality as the love of your life?
An Analytical Mind

10 Which TV character do you most identify with?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting None, though I most admire Jack Bauer of 24

11 How would you describe yourself in a lonely hearts ad?
I won't put an ad there in the first place...

12 If you could be an animal, what creature would be?
A cross between a cat and a dolphin

13 In what era do you belong?

80’s (sans the fashion!)

14 When someone asks you, What do you do? What would you like to be able to say?
I am a host of a travel show.

15 Which fashion designer epitomizes your sense of style?
Calvin Klein

16 What car would you be?
The Old Volkswagen Beetle

17 What season is most like you?

18 Where are you in life’s swimming pool? In the deep or shallow end, floating, sinking, on the diving board or in the changing room?
Either floating on the deep end or on the diving board

19 What song sums you up best?
“Jesus Loves Me, This I Know”

20 What flower would you be?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Sunflower

21 What are your 3 best qualities?
Making people laugh
Putting stuff into words

22 What 3 words would your detractors use about you? What 3 words would your friends use about you? Who do you agree with?
Detractors might say: Too Direct; Too Quick to Judge; Emotional
Friends might say: Honest, Reliable, Loyal
I agree with everyone of them.

23 Which of the 7 deadly sins are you most likely to commit?
Glutonny! Help!

24 What famous person, past or present, would most enjoy your company?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Gary Valenciano...and I hope he gets to read this!

25 When & where were you the happiest you've ever been in your life?
Early 90’s, while working at an Indochinese Refugee Camp in Bataan, Northern Philippines.