Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rocking Away!

After a scholarship, after a one-year visa, what would be the icing on the cake?

How about an award?

Imagine that, I was given another award from that girl who rocks, Ipanema! Oh wow, to be awarded twice is such a privilege--especially from someone I look up to as a really rockin' blogger herself!

So now, I need to pass the blessing again--and this is one other reason why I am so happy I got this award, I can pass it to those I would have also wanted to award the other time...

So here's the list of rockin' girls I am delighted to pass this award to:

Jenny! She writes well, she takes great photos and she speaks French! Tr├ęs cool, don't you think?

Toe! Which should not come as a surprise to many of us who are so much entertained by her posts...and the fact that she is making a difference in Cambodia, that rocks, too!

Chesca! She is a great gal who has a great family and loves to share her diving adventures with us. The fact that we both used to work in this unique place in Bataan makes her special to me, too!

Jojie A! Because not only takes great photos but she is an eagle-eye when it comes to those really funny ones that make my day! Plus she was my classmate in my college days--where we first discovered we have the same warped sense of humor--that keeps us both afloat through the rough times. Right, girl?

Another lady who is making a difference in Cambodia! I am sure the Khmer people are know that they are blessed with your contribution there. You rock, girl!

And, Ipanema, you know, I will also have to give this award to you, too! I know I may not be following the rules, but hey, I rock (as you say) so I have the license to break some of 'em rules, don't I?


Kayni said...

Congratulations! Great award! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day!

vernaloo said...

keep rockin girl! you deserve it...congratulations!!!!

snglguy said...

Congrats Gypsy, isang bato ka talaga. You rock! hehe... sorry, corny ako this morning. :-)

exskindiver said...

wow gyps-- i'm touched.
truly. pero tama ka na may affinity na tayo. the bataan bond is indeed strong.
thanks for thinking of me, gyps.
malapit na ang UK mo ano.

Major Tom said...

Congrats on this. You surely rocks when it comes to blogging...Keep on...

ipanema said...

lol Gypsy! hahahaha...thanks anyway! :)

tutubi said...

wow galing :)

intsik said...

hahahahaha congrats gyspsy! wala akong masabi sa award na iyan dear!

your post have always been a good read since i discovered it. i hope this will continue to inspire you to keep us entertained. :)


SexyMom said...

u rock! you really do!

Toe said...

Wow, thanks Gypsy! An award is only as good as the award-giving body... so I'm really honored to receive this one. :)

Wil said...

Congrats, Gypsy!

I'm familiar with a few of your recommended bloggers, but not all. I just visited the unfamiliar ones you've recommended and I'll make sure to visit them again.

Gypsy said...

Kayni, thanks, too for the visit.:)

Vern, ikaw rin!! You rock too, mare!

Snglguy, Thanks! Hehe. Bato?? Corny nga...hehe, peace!

Exskindiver, yup, those were great days weren't day? Yup malapit na UK ko..less than a month na lang. Naay...

Major Tom, thanks, brother!

Ipanema, dapat ginawa ko rin to for the Thinking Bloggers award, award it back to you, that is. ;)

Tutubi, salamat!

Intsik, your comments are inspiration din, thanks!

Sexymom, coming from you, that means a lot! Wow, thanks!

Toe, bow. Your welcome and thanks for always making my day when I read your posts. :)

Wil, you should! You'll enjoy them!

ZJ said...

Hi Gypsy.
Congrats at salamat sa pagbibigay mo ng award sa akin :D More girl-power sa ating lahat!

Gypsy said...

ZJ, you are very welcome! Pass it on! :)

Annamanila said...

I know two of your awardees and oohlalala they really shake the blogging commune.

Dabawenya said...

wow, gypsy tukayo, am so touched by your award which you passed on to me. so touched that i have only been able to read your blog NOW! argh. so sorry. what with my own trips and the recent kadayawan festivities going on in our city, i was blogless for quite some time. truly an honor coming from you. thanks. can i keep this icon, pretty puhleese? :-)