Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Award! Awards! (Bow)

For the first time since grade school (where I won an award at a poster-making contest), I won an award, courtesy of Ipanema, Thinking Blogger par excellence (almost hall-of-famer). She has graciously bestowed me with the

(your obligatory applause please....ahem)

I’ve been told by friends that I think a lot—and they do not mean it in a positive way (read: over-analysis of everything). So its nice for someone to look at my thinking in a positive light. I guess that is what blogging does to people who would otherwise need P500 per hour sessions with shrinks!

So I’m supposed to award 5 bloggers with this same award. Honestly, not an easy task since each one of those in my blogroll are great thinkers and have triggered me to think further about a variety of issues—ranging from the serious (world issues, social issues, etc.) to the not-so-serious but important (shopping tips, standards for mr. right, etc.).

But anyway, here goes!

Beng (When I need to calm down and think happy thoughts, I visit her!)

Verns (Yes, dear, you get me thinking funny and weird thoughts!)

Single Guy (I vicariously “vent” through you!)

AnnaManila (Who couldn’t learn from one who has so much to offer at this point in her life?)

Kathy (Mother/Filipina Scientist in Japan—need I say more?)

I wish it was a list of 10!

Anyway, over to the 4 ladies and one single guy to pass on awards to five of their own choices!!


vernaloo said...

gosh! I don't know what to think este to say hrhrhrhr

hehehe thanks Mare! kahit papano may silbi din naman pala ako sa mundong ibabaw hehe :)

Seriously damo gid nga salamat.

the philosphical bastard said...

obligatory applause! cool list too

ipanema said...

lol...Gypsy. Ayan, addition sa poster award mo. Imported naman yan. :)

kathy said...

(Ehem, ehem)
I would like to thank "A Gypsy's Haven" for my first-ever award in blogosphere. I graciously and humbly accept! Thanks! :)

Surely you would be on my list of Thinking Bloggers...that's for sure. But then again, can you accept more than one award? :P

gibbs cadiz said...

aha, you got one din! haha. :) congrats, gypsy! very apt award! :)

beng said...

So this is the award you texted me about! :) Kakatuwa naman, nakakapressure tuloy mag-isip, hehe, just to live up to the honor. I'll make my own award-giving soon! :) Pwede bang ibigay ang the same award to you? :)

Toe said...

Hey congratulations! Very well-deserved. :)

Gypsy said...

Verns walay sapayan gyud! Waiting to see who you will award. :) Please pass the blessing!

Paulo, salamat, salamat! Bow..hehe.

Ipanema, oo nga eh. Salamat ulit sa first ever award ko since grade school..still can't over it! :)

Kathy, op kors! Pero okey lang if you choose other 5 peeps since I know how difficult it is to choose only five. Sumimasen! :)

Gibbs, oo nga eh. Ang saya! Thanks ha. Inis pa rin ako na di ako maka avail sa free tickets! Hay!

Beng, same answer I gave Kathy..okey lang to give to other 5 peeps, unless you guys want me to get to hall of famer status! Bwahaha, sobra na, my delusions getting into my head na...

Toe, sourm-or-kun! ;)

snglguy said...

So this is the surprise you were telling me about. Heh, at naging hingahan pala ako ng sama ng loob mo... :-D

Lemme see, if I'm not mistaken, you're the, ehem... fourth blogger who gave me this award since it came out. Pero, bakit wala pa yung plaque ko! Huhuhuhu :-D

Seriously Gypsy, I'm very honored to be included in your short list...

Now if you'll excuse me, I will now go and look for 5 thinking bloggers to pass on this award.

exskindiver said...

i read your comment at annamanila's--what year were you in morong? i was with icmc.
what organization were you with?
how long were you there and did you enjoy it?
sige, amg daming tanong ano.


Mon said...

congratulations gypsy - tamang award ito para sa iyo. sometimes hinde ka lang magiisip sa pagbabasa sa mga post mo dito, mapapakamot ka pa sa ulo at sasabihing "oo nga noh!"

exskindiver said...

hi gypsy!
i started jan 1990- and stayed for two years.
yes i was also there during the pinatubo eruption!
Do you know my sister, Karen Crisostomo?
She was there about 1987-until it closed.
will link to you too.

Ferdz said...

Congrats on the award there. Isa ka pala along with bingskee. It's really interesting if a site would just let you think about what they poted

dimaks said...

clap clap! gratz!

Annamanila said...

Congrats, Gypsy, you had it coming. But you're passing it on to ... who? me?

Dunno what to say. Hard to believe that you like me .. you really like me (with apologies to Sally Fields). :)

Sarap talaga minsan sa blogging. I feel, I am already getting acknowledgements which I otherwise should be getting when I no longer walk this earth. hahaha

Ty very mucho.