Monday, August 13, 2007

Crying for Jack

*written a couple of weeks ago.
**WARNING: If you have not seen the last episode of 24’s Season 6, there is a bit of a spoiler here... but only a little bit, I promise you!

I haven’t cried for such a long time. But Jack Bauer had me sobbing away. Since he can do almost anything humanly possible, that shouldn’t surprise me, I guess. Just watching him fight to get his own life back for a change, at the last episode of 24, made me root for him all the more.

“Way to go, Jack!”

“About time, Jack!”

Season 6 ended with everyone in the United States of America getting their lives back after a series of terrorist attacks, with CTU staff, the president, the vice president and the rest of the gang, including the pregnant Chloe getting their much needed sleep after a stress-filled 24 hours.

Everyone but Jack.

Yeah, I know, I sound like a starry-eyed fanatic who can't tell my fact from my fiction. But just thinking of Jack Bauer made me realize how even in fiction, our heroes are all too human.

Whoever our heroes may be, like Jack Bauer, when they say “I promise you” they will not always be able to deliver, even if they promised with all their hearts and tried their very best. They will fail us somehow, sometime. Once you’ve walked with them and witnessed their own angst and struggles, you will root for them, cry with them and pray for them—but you will know for sure that they cannot always be there for you. Because they are just as human as we are.

Whatever the case may be, we hope to see you again soon, Jack!


vernaloo said...

hayyy...I watched Season 1-5 and I totally agree with you. The life of Jack Bauer...I remember that I cried buckets too when he had no choice but to kill his boss because the terrorist said so. Imagine having that kind of responsibility...I mean paano ka pa makakatulog????

yeah I am also affected huhuhuhuhuhu

Wil said...

I've only seen maybe one episode of 24. I guess the plot is a bit too unbelievable for me. I mean, how can a guy have 24 hours to solve something for what? 5 or 6 times now? Nevertheless, whenever I see the word "spoiler" in a post, I can't read the post. Kaya, I'll have to finish reading this post when I finish watching 24 even though I probably won't watch 24. hehehe. Seems like the show has a lot of fans though. :D

ipanema said...

I haven't watched television for a long time. I hate promises. Growing old made me a sceptic. That all promises are to be broken. That yes, people will fail us. It hurts if it's the people whom we love and trust.

[poke me if i'm out of topc. ganyan lang ako, type ng type na walang malay...nawawala sa sarili...hahahahaha]

Alternati said...

I haven't seen an episode of 24 yet. I know it's a big loss. When my cousins start talking about 24, I walk out... not to be rude. but because I wanna watch the whole thing on DVD when I find free time. hehe... It's just one of those series that I don't wanna watch yet, because I wanna see it from the start. :D

I'm pretty sure that if and when I reach the seson 6 finale... i'll feel the same way. :)

dimaks said...

i got the files of this season and watched them last month. i liked the plot but to me, it is still predictable :) nonetheless, superbly done!

kayni said...

24 hasn't been on my "to watch list" but you made it sound really interesting. You're right about the portrayal of "heroes" in movies or the media in whole. Somehow, the rest of the world moves on - except for the hero.

intsik said...


amazing ang nakapag-isip ng 24. and i truly understand your thing for Bauer. i talked to my customer one time during th epeak of season 6 at un, nakarelate ang lola mo.

anyways, meron pa ba itong season 7? alam ko meron pa ata...

snglguy said...

This is embarrassing but, would you believe I cried during the final scene of the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"??

Nothing wrong there except for the fact that the film was a freaking comedy starring Steve Martin and the late John Candy...

Anyways, panoorin mo na lang, if you can still find a copy, hehehe. :-)

Leah said...

I think I only watched Season 1 and 2. Great ending though.

There's always a hero somewhere out there. It used to be MacGyver for me back in the '80s. And yeah, Jack too (in season 1)

Rey said...

24 is one of my best loved series... It's up there with my favourite Heroes and The Sopranos.

But we all knew(I mean those who saw the final season) there won't be any more 24, right?...

... Or is there? (wink, wink)

Gypsy said...

Verns, another thing in common with you, mare...I can imagine how much fun it would be to watch "24" with you! Hehe.

Wil...Hmmm..I take it you mean you are NEVER gonna read this post then?? Oh dont know what you're missin, bro!

Ipanema, ironically, that is what makes these heroes lovable in the end. How boring would it be if they deliver every single time? Even Superman let Lois down once in awhile...hehe.

Alternati, hope you get to watch season 6 soon, and when you reach the finale...get your tissues out! ;)

Dimaks, there are still twists and turns and yes, may predictability na din konti, I have to admit. But that doesnt make me love Jack Bauer any less. Hehe.

Kayni, you should but make sure you get to watch a whole season! I got hooked accidentally when a friend lent me 4 episodes of 24's first season and said, "Yon lang nasa akin, eh.." Arrgh!!

Intsik, meron pa! I just checked the fox network website..hehe addict talaga ano?

Snglguy, I think I saw that centuries ago!! Di ko na maalala but I always did like John Candy..soft-hearted ka pa pala noon..heheh.

Leah, Macgyver!! Oo nga no! Havent heard that name in ages! hehe. My hero in the late 70s and early 80s was "Man from Atlantis", I dont know if anyone remembered that TV series...

Rey, hoy ha....don't speak bad words!! Of course there is a Season 7!!! Just imagining the end of Jack Bauer is almost unbearable! ;)

sillyserious said...

woohoo! 24 forever! hehe... i was watching season as it was being shown in the states (dontcha just love torrent technology!). i must say that season 6 was a tough sell - it seemed that they had ran out of tricks and twists (even the producers admitted this, saying that after so many episodes they are entitled to repeat some old tricks... hehe.) nonetheless, it was an adrenaline-packed ride all the same. i wanna be jack bauer when i grow up... uhm, maybe not. hehe. trivia: keifer has been contracted until season 8, if not as lead actor, then as one of the producers - that means, he COULD die! *gasp*

snglguy said...

Hahaha, naabutan mo yung "Man from Atlantis"?? Late 70's pa yun, ah. Buhay ka na ba noon?