Monday, August 20, 2007

I Don't Mind...Really!

The fervently prayed-for rain has come and everyone cheers—of course! Since the lack of rain has been a real issue these past months, the rainy days has been a welcomed inconvenience for many of us commuters….yes, really, a welcomed inconvenience!

I don’t mind, really, that I get splashed by muddy water by passing cars, tricycles, buses and motorcycles…

I don’t mind, really, that the rain has made commuters sitting ducks to taxi drivers morphed into opportunistic sharks (hmmm….come to think of it, when aren’t they sharks?).

I don’t mind, really, that this means getting your shoes and pant legs all soaked because of the floods or water that has pooled up in our uneven sidewalks.

I don’t mind, really, that this means double the traffic especially along Cubao where, if you’re a commuter on a bus, you have no right to use the express underpass (only those who can afford cars or taxis have the right not to be late for their work or appointments, it seems).

I don’t mind, really, that you have to think three to a hundred times whether to make/keep appointments that would mean getting out of your house (where you stay warm and dry).

I don’t mind, really, that it means having to share an MRT ride with others who are all sweaty under their rained-soaked jackets.

..really! I don’t mind!


Swipe said...

hahaha! I remember those kinds of days - days that put me on the side of going postal.

dimaks said...

you don't mind them, to the extent that you wrote about them :) tama ba ang analogy ko? hehe

niceheart said...

That's what I like about you gypsy. You don't mind all these inconveniences of commuting and travelling. :)

This post reminds me of what my youngest son said when we had to take the bus after shopping last weekend. "Ah, we're taking the bus. But it stinks in the bus." It's true that you smell all these different people in the bus. But I also don't mind it. :)

Btw, goodluck on your journey to England. It must be getting close eh?

Wil said...

I don't get why a bus with commuters can't use the express underpass while cars can. Shouldn't commuters using public transport be given priority over cars/taxis since commuters are helping to reduce traffic/air pollution? What am I missing?

ipanema said...

hmm... those opportunistic people this time...i really mind them. that is if gusto kong matulog sa baha. :)

snglguy said...

I too don't mind at all, really. As long as we have clean water to drink and bathe with, and electricity to power our online addiction... every thing's all right with the world. ;-)

major tom said...

Oh the rain sometimes make the world on a standstill, not being able to do as much as one wants to do or usually do. But we need them some of the time; to cool the weather. And besides, it's the only time that I could wear my cool jacket...

Gypsy said...

Swipe, you said it...sigh!

Dimaks, ano pa..written with a tongue stuck in my cheek...;)

Niceheart, hehe please tell your son I sometimes share a bus seat with baby cockroaches..yep, malapit na ang alis...brrr...

Wil, not you but our beloved MMDA chairman is missing it. He should try commuting for a change and see how the majority feels.

Ipanema, oo nga, taking advantage of others' desperation.

Snglguy, WHOA! Somebody's in a good mood today...must be those brownies..;)

Major Tom, haha! Yup the rain has its fashion advantage..I get to test a pair of cool ankle high boots from Ukay Ukay.:)

intsik said...

cool. oo nga naman dear... kaysa naman maging sobrang dry ang metro manila at mawalan ng tubig. :)

exskindiver said...

i hear you gyps.
you are not complaining.
you are venting.
when it rains in the UK, british kili-kilis and maaamoy mo.
which is not necessarily better.
just different.
enjoy it.
the trip, not the kili kilis.

SexyMom said...

i like the rain...i always do, true!

Annamanila said...

Fake it fake it till you make it. Did it work .. the psycheing exercise?

Rain, like almost everything else has its down and upside. I love it in drizzle ... love it when summer is oppressingly torrid, love it on a lazy friday night ... like tonight.