Friday, June 01, 2007

Why I Blog

Mon tagged me a while back and after much in-depth soul-searching and tapping on the subliminal part of my grey matter, I came up with these reasons…

  1. Baring Private Thoughts Publicly.

As an extrovert, I feel better putting my thoughts out there and having people giving feedback on them rather than keeping a private journal and feel like I am talking to a wall. Of course there are still some things I would never dare blog about-especially as I have inadvertently spilled to certain friends I have a blog, thus making this blog less than anonymous…

  1. The Bliss of Being in A Blog Community.

I enjoy being part of a blog community. This is an unexpected thing for me. When I started blogging, the only reason I had was the above one. I didn’t expect to become part of a fun, unique and caring community of people who not only share some of my thoughts and concerns, but enjoy (and share) my idiosyncrasies!

  1. Dishing Out Corn

I get to “talk” about stuff I feel corny verbalizing. There are things that are better read than heard. Many times these “better-read-than-heard” thoughts and feelings bubble up inside me and I find the need to express them. The thing is, I find verbalizing some of them “corny.” Its easier for me to write them down for people to read, and as you read them in the safe cyber-distance, at least I can’t see the “this-is-so-corny” look on the readers' faces—and because my cyber community I am in has been a great accepting community, I know I am safe to share my corny thoughts without fear of persecution (or prosecution).

  1. Serving Up A Bit of Blessing

Outside of myself, I hope that what I share can bless people. I want to share some of the corny stuff that might possibly stir somebody’s heart out there. To comfort where solace is needed, to inspire where inspiration is needed, to humor where laughs are needed. There’s too much grief around already, I find no need to contribute to it (except for the occasional rant I need to get out of my system) but if I can help in someway to provide some cheer, that is what I hope to do when I blog (this fourth entry also helps me sets parameters for myself—to commit me to keep a positive attitude and not allow the “Mr. Hyde” in me take over too much).

  1. Polishing My Prose & Prepositions

To hone my writing. This is where I practice writing better since I really love putting words together—not just the art of it but also the skill of it. This is where I experiment with my vocabulary and prepositions, showcase my sometimes-sorry-attempts at picturesque prose and poetry (only one lonely entry on this one). And if I did get my tenses wrong and my prepositions mixed up, be gracious in “editing” me!!

Whew! I never thought I could come up with reasons. See? That’s why I love blogging, it forces me to use more of my so-called brain. So, thanks Mon, my bro, for tagging me on this (you should get your bebĂ© to blog, I would love to hear her thoughts)!


SexyMom said...

good reasons, gypsy

also, in blogging, we meet lots of friends in the blogosphere!

snglguy said...

Been blogging for almost two years. Before that, I was just another anonymous lurker in the blogosphere, reading other people's blogs.

I guess one reason that made me jump on the blogging bandwagon was to see if people would actually read my, err... inanities. Hehe :-D

Gypsy said...

SexyMom, yup, amazing how many more friends you can make when you blog! :)

Snglguy, one man's inanities is another man's entertainment reading hehe! Still can't get over those wild boars...;)

kathy said...

Gypsy, halos pareho tayo ng reasons for blogging! Although for my case, I think I'm more of an introvert, and I sometimes have difficulty relating to people face-to-face. But in the blogging world - well, no holds barred, hehe. Of course, within acceptable and moral norms. :)

Abaniko said...

And I thought you're going to discipline yourself and stay away from blogging for a long while? Haha. But that's okay. I'm also addicted to it. Blog on, Gypsy!

Annamanila said...

Terrific piece, well written too. And siempre relate na relate.

Being part of a 'caring' community of bloggers is also something i didn't bargain for. Such a lovely surprise.

And yes, exactly -- blogging compels us to look inside (for insights) and outside (for subject matter) to blog about ... as well as to synthesize our thoughts about these. Ang galing ano?

Toe said...

I can totally relate with your reasons Gypsy. Blogging is really a good outlet for our corniness... hehe! :) You are quite right... when you say it, it's corny (especially to evil big brothers). But when you write it down, it's insightful.. haha! :)

Wil said...

I don't think I've seen this meme. I've seen the "5 things that happened b/c of blogging", but not this one. Anyway, the blogosphere is indeed an interesting community. Lots of great and, umm.....well, "interesting" bloggers out there. :D

Oh, and I just finished reading your Sandpaper post. ENjoyed reading it kasi I could relate. Hopefully I don't come off as a sandpaper person to others. hehe.

vernaloo said...

tsk tsk tsk..ibang level ang mga rason! parang pinag-isipan talaga LOL :)

I wonder why I can't come up with words like yours hehe

Leah said...

Hi Gypsy girl...What can I say..your prepostions are well placed and the drama of your words simply dances in my thoughts. How enriching and well written. Kudos to blogging and I feel honoured to be part of your community.

Gypsy said...

Kathy, I once posted something about personalities and temperaments and was surprised to find that quite a number of bloggers are actually introverts and with the same reasons as you! :) So blogging works, whatever personality you have. Now, isn't blogging great? :)

Abaniko, as I said once before--I think somebody (you?) needs to start a Blogaholics Anonymous Group. "Hi, I'm Gypsy." "Hello, Gypsy.."

Anna, thanks! Yes, whoever created blogging has my undying gratitude.;)

Toe, maybe you need to post something more about your evil big brothers to get it out of your system--di ba therapy din ang blogging? Bwehehe!

Wil..and here I was thinking, grabe, ako na lang yata sa blogging community ang di pa nakabigay ng list of reasons for blogging! So, am tagging you! :) I doubt you'll ever be a Sandpaper person..from what I read in your blogs, you're probably a teddy bear person! Hehe.

Verns, I think its the coffee...maybe if you have 3 cups a day it will empower you more. Anyway, di mo kelangan, you write very well, mare!

Leah, naks naman. Thank! Am happy that you are part of my community too!

mon said...

Thanks Gypsy for answering this meme. Naks well written piece talaga and you are right on about this community of caring bloggers.

Most of what I remember between the many nights my bebe and I talk while in bed are those corny stuffs so practice practice practice ;)

Jojie Alcantara said...

Well if you tag me on this, i will just probably be echoing your statements since, one, we both write alike...two, we were classmates in college...three, we both have the same offbeat sense of humor...and four, oh gosh, i almost forgot! WE BOTH HAVE THE SAME NAMES! Now how odd could that be, twin sister?

Gypsy said...

Mon, waaah! Wala akong ka-practice eh, kaya sa blog community ko na lang pinapractice. Hehe. Saan ka ba nagagala, ha? Not chasing after blondes, I hope! Hehe. Joke!

Jojie, Kulang pa na, sister--pareho ta mga laagan! O diba.;)