Thursday, July 06, 2006

On Goodbyes and Hellos

I looked at this dear couple whom I have come to know and love for the past 6 years, and felt a lump form on my throat. This evening could be the last time I’ll ever see them. They are leaving for their home country soon.

I’ve never bothered to keep track of how many times I‘ve said goodbye. And at the rate I’m going, I don’t think I can anyway.

But saying it often doesn’t make it any easier, obviously. It actually makes it harder.

In saying goodbye, I realize how much power we give to people when we say, “hello,” and open our hearts to them in friendship. In so doing, we give others the power to hurt us even if they don’t mean to, like when they say goodbye.

I wonder sometimes why I bother to open myself up to hurts. Why not just keep people at arm’s length and protect my heart from wear and tear?

Then again, what’s life about if not about the rich experiences with people around us? The things we learn about life, love, joy, tragedy are all in the context of relationships. Life without relationships is not a still, peaceful pond but a stagnant, murky cesspool.

I think I’ll choose to risk the hurts that goodbyes bring for the joys that I glean from the relationships. Anyway, one day soon, we’ll meet in the eternal hereafter and never have to say goodbye again.

‘Til then, I guess we just have to move on, cherishing the memories goodbyes leave behind and embracing each “hello" that comes our way.


Beng said...

Hi Jojie, are you referring to Kuya Mike and Ate Betty here? If yes, then I agree. Nakakamiss nga sila. I told him, "Kuya Mike, you have the distinction of being the only American with a Batangueno accent I know." Goodbyes like this make us long for heaven even more.

Gypsy said...

Yes, they're the ones am referring to..pero marami pang iba. Since am in Davao and my colleagues in Manila are so mobile. There are others I've said goodbye to that am not also sure I will see again..just the "hazards" of the trade, I guess. Am not able to access your blog, I get dinged by a virus alarm each time! Dont know why....