Monday, July 02, 2007

When I Was 18...

I was tagged by Niceheart on listing my favorite songs when I was 18. I thought, “Wow, I will have to reach some light years back for that!” Thankfully, I realized that I didn’t exactly have to do that since many of the songs are still on the airwaves, if not revived!

Ahh..the 80’s! How do I love thee?

I love thee for letting Rick Springfield wisely advise us, “Don’t Talk to Strangers.”

I love thee for Michael Jackson (when he wore his true colors and still had a nose).

I love thee for Gary V. who sang and danced his way to our hearts (up to now!)

I love thee for the Bagets gang through whom we vicariously lived out our adolescent follies.

I love thee for Tears for Fears who told us its okey to “Shout” and let it all out.

I love thee for Billy Joel who made Honesty cool.

I love thee for the fantastic duo Eurythmics announcing “Here Comes the Rain Again.”

I love thee for the dazzling Miss Piggy, those two funny cantakerous old critics and her consort in “The Muppet Show.”

I love thee for the swashbuckling adventures with Dr. Indiana Jones.

..and many more.

Though I would not be requesting the comeback of big hair, shoulder pads and baggy trousers…!

Anyway, here’s a list of the hits I loved when I turned 18…I wont be able to give detailed reasons why I like them, I just do—and mostly for the music rather than the lyrics—I seldom analyze lyrics, especially since half the time, I can hardly really figure out what they’re singing! Anyway, here goes:

Take My Breath Away – Berlin

True Colors -Cyndi Lauper

Broken Wings – Mr. Mister

Rock Me Amadeus – Falco

These Dreams –Heart

Walk of Life-Dire Straits

True Blue-Madonna

Meanwhile, let me share with you this MTV of Hugh Grant from Music and Lyrics—it just gets me all giggly about the crazy 80’s and nostalgic at the same time, sorry I have no idea how to upload a video so just click on this!!


Wil said...

It looks like the video is doing a parody of Wham! hehehe. Anyway, I like the song True Colors. I remember Take My Breath Away from the movie Top Gun. Very catchy. Rock me Amadeus???? hehehe

aryo said...

Now, you've got me crying, he he.

From provinciano's like me, the 80's also meant singing Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder songs, and dancing to Rico Mambo and Tarzan Boy. Memories...

snglguy said...

Rock me Amadeus? OMG! Wahahaha! I remember that!! Mag kasing-edad lang pala tayo, hehe. :-D

Do you still remember Kim Carne's "Betty Davis Eyes"? And the corny MTV video that accompanied it? ;-)

Viene said...

...Did you dig for Menudo? I did. And I remember you really went crazy for Rick Springfield. And you remember me, trying to be Madonna Wannabe? Ohhh...those were our younger days.

vernaloo said...

my internet's so slow...are you talking about the song Way Back Into Love? hehe I also like that song...

80's songs are actually nice :)

Gypsy said...

Wil, yes sireee...Rock Me Amadeus! I was limited to choose from the year I turned 18 which unfortunately didn't have too many of my faves...:)

Aryo, hehe..nasenti ka ba?
LOL! Tarzan boy!! Oo nga, I remember that! So I guess you are an 80's child as well?

Snglguy, older ka pa rin no..ehem. Yes, I like Bette Davis' eyes--and old the MTVs during that time were quite funny, except for Eurythmics and Duran Duran's--those were cool...

Viene, oo nga no, Menudo! Lokang loka ako kay Robbie Rosa nun--but I didnt go to the concert in Manila, my cousin did and she will never live that down! Bwehehehe. Yep, I remember your Madonna get up--we all move on..even Madonna! Hehe.

Verns, nope, its the first one right at the start with Hugh Grant and all his hip swinging glory!! Riot talaga yon! :)

Abaniko said...

Inabuan mo ba ang Menudo? Hehe.

Gypsy said...

Lagi, no-na buang ko kay Robbie Rosa! Hello from Davao! Grabe naa na pud ko mga na discover nga nice hole in the wall restos diri. Lingaw gyud muuli. :)

ipanema said...

ah...sooo familiar! i like 80s. it was also the battle between cyndi lauper and madonna. ay grabe. but cyndi is more or a musician/composer. mukhang mas talented naman sya. kaso talagang palaban ang daing ni madonna kaya naging superstar. i love cyndi's 'girls just wanna have fun!"

tutubi said...

now you gave away your age :)

Gypsy said...

Ipanema, I liked Cyndi better, too but you gotta admire Madonna's staying power! :) At least we can say, we were there right when she started! Hehe.

Tutubi....all for the sake of entertaining the blogger community...;) Thanks for dropping by!

Annamanila said...

I got this meme too from Nice heart!! Should do it soon .. as soon as I find out how to modify/mutate it so I can escape being pinned down in years. hahaha

Anyway, I am glad you have Gary V and the Bagets gang in your list.

Am glad the gypsy has stayed put for a month? Or are her feet beginning to itch again.

SexyMom said...

i love the 80s, the height of my youth, my mid 20s, to be young and in love! the songs are great, too.

zherwin said...

cyndi lauper writes good songs, and her true colors is up there with the classics.

i grow up with those songs that's why the familiarity (defensive ba hehe), swerte kami kasi we both have the late 80's and the early 90's :)

niceheart said...

Ooh! 80's ka rin pala. When I made that list of who to tag, I thoought I'd have a range of different decades. I actually thought that you are a lot younger, no offense please, not that there's anything wrong with being how old you are. :)

I also love Gary V. and his dance moves; Honesty, I used to sing a lot; True Colours, I'm just loving lately - love her latest version of it where she plays this string instrument; Indiana Jones, I also learned to love only later on because my kids love him.

Love that bit about MJ wearing his true colors and his own nose. :)

I've got to see Music & Lyrics. I think Hugh Grant's lovable even with his dry sense of humour. :)

Thanks for doing the tag, btw.

mon said...

hahaha, bitin. sana kinanta mo na lang para madinig naman kita :)

exskindiver said...

love gary v.
and tears for fears shout.

Leah said...

Hi Gypsy,
I like your choice of songs, I remember those from the 80's as well. True blue and true colors are great songs.
btw, I loved Hugh Grant's Pop goes my heart video. Kakatuwa and so '80s.

flue said...

I love Pop Goes My Heart and Way Back Into Love. I have to hear them at least once a day when i was still in the Philippines. Now I'm still busy adjusting to many other things and looking for work.

Hope to visit again soon.

Ferdz said...

Cool music. Natatawa rin ako dyan sa MTV nyang music and lyrics when I first watched it. Hehe. Iba talaga apeal ng 80s

Alternati said...

I love 80's music. Tears for Fears, love them. I am always enamored when I hear Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" and Annie Lennox' "Waiting in Vain".

LOL at "when MJ still had a nose".

True Colors and Take My Breath Away are classics I love.

Coming from someone who hadn't experienced the big hair, shoulder pads and the baggy trousers, we missed a lot not having to wear them and not having the chance to laugh at old photos of us in them. hehe...

U.T.O.Y said...

wawawi eighties....

hope we could see you dancing like cyndy lauper...hehehe

eighties fave ko si mick jagger and his weird dance mives...rock on!!

kathy said...

The 80's will always be my most favorite music genre of all. I love Billy Joel - For the Longest Time, We Didn't Start the Fire - hearing these songs make me feel young all over again.

Aquanet, anyone? :P

Gypsy said...

Anna, you know me so well...this meme was done while I was in Davao. ;) Looking forward to your list of songs when you were 18!

SexyMom, yup--to be young and in love--with love!

Zherwin, classic na nga ang true colors ni Cyndi--its ironic that Madonna who has "survived" the 80's and continues to be popular, doesn't really have a classic na ka-level ng True Colors...pero si Cyndi mismo di naka-survive like her song...

Niceheart, naks, flattered naman ako, "young" pala ang dating ko sa blog ko. Hehe. Well, its all in the mind and heart, right?

Mon, YAN ang hindi mo mapagawa sa akin..ang kumanta. Kahit i-threaten mo pa ako ng ninja sword mo, hehe.

Exskindiver, yup Tears for Fears and Eurythmics are right up there for me too!

Leah, oo nga grabe tawa ko sa pOp goes my heart na MTV, sobrang nostalgia hehe..for the big hair and patong patong clothes!

Flue, great to hear from you!! Hope you are doing least kahit saan pwede mo pa rin marinig yong Way Back to Love and Pop Goes my Heart. :) Mag-enjoy ka jan and blog ka soon!!

Ferdz, oo nga--kahit nakakatawa, cool din yong MTV-galing nilang magpanggap ng 80's!

Alternati, buti na lang I didn't know how to tease my hair so wala ako three-storey high hair to show off then, so no photos of big hair--yong big shoulder pads lang..Hehe

UTOY, thanks for dropping by. Galing nga ni Mick Jagger, kahit ngayon cool pa rin siya. :)

Kathy, hahah! Aquanet! Napa-memory lane ulit ako nyan ah!! Hehe. Dapat yata gumawa ng list of things we miss from the 80's. :)

Jap said...

Hi Gypsy, good choices you have here, but then again, the 80s was a good time for music.

I love the Eurythmics. And I especially love Here Comes the Rain Again. If you haven't heard the version they did for Storytellers, please find it now, it's the best rendition of the song they did, haunting and sad.

Gypsy said...

Hi Jap, thanks for dropping by! Hmm..dont know that version you mentioned..will check it out! Thanks!