Friday, April 06, 2007

To Keep Me Sane

I’m pausing from doing email stuff and looking up at the view of blue ocean mellowed by the rays of the setting sun, framed by green rustling leaves of trees standing just below my bedroom window.

What a moment to freeze-frame.

But I guess time marches on. For now, I am pleased that I can enjoy fresh cool sea breeze here in Calapan, Mindoro—far from the madding Manila crowd, far from the choking pollution, far from Karaoke-mad neighbors.

Tomorrow, I look forward to waking up one last morning to this dazzling view of the sea. Then its time to pack up and leave.

Part of me would love to stay on in this quaint place in Calapan. But I know that this feeling is fleeting, I know for a fact that I am a city girl at heart…that I (mysteriously) thrive in the smoggy, noisy, in-your-face culture of Manila. That after a while in an idyllic place like this, my feet would itch, my soul would grow restless and I would actually miss those hair-raising rides in cockroach-infested buses. I would miss the air-conditioned, food-aroma-infused, never-have-a-moment’s-peace, sardine-packed malls. Don’t ask me why, I’ve given up figuring that out myself.

Meanwhile, I’m just happy to be in an idyllic place like this for my regular ration of sanity.

What keeps you sane?


snglguy said...

Oh man, I envy you. Here I am in my bedroom, looking out the window with very much the same view I've been seeing everyday. Argh! I miss those long early morning walks on a seashell-strewn beach savoring the cool breeze of the Pacific Ocean... :-(

Gypsy said...

Yeah, just saw your view from your post..sigh. Hopefully next time there's a long weekend, you can plan a great get-away. :)

melai said...

ako man inggit... how I wish nandyan din ako :) ganda ng pagkakadescribe mo kung saan ka man naroon :)

dimaks said...

sometimes people around me keeps me sane.. sometimes, I prefer alone :)

Gypsy said...

Melai, last day ko na ngayon, huhu...balik na sa kaguluhan ng Maynila..haay.

Dimaks, you're right. There are people who keep me sane and there are others who make me go crazy..hehe.

Leah said...

Such a serene scene you described would keep me sane too. Not sure if I can handle the city life you described, much too fast and noisy for me. I relish the quietness of my home, the sound of the keyboard and my time to be sane in the blogging world.

vernaloo said...

what keeps me sane? my medications..charing! lol

Oh I envy you! I'm not in the city right bow but it's still freakin hot so you know. At least there..windy and maybe cool? :)

Enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

annamanila said...

Calapan. Sounds beautiful. Who were you with -- never mind, dont't answer LOL! A good place to recharge? Never been there. Enjoy! Maginaw din siguro? We went to the cavite-tagaytay area for two days and a night... oh my, daig pa ang baguio sa lamig.

kathy said...

You're in Calapan, and you have internet access in your very own room! Wow.
There's something about ocean-views that calms the soul and sends a message of tranquility. I love the ocean.

Grace D. Chong said...

I really should plan on going to Mindoro. It seems so idyllic! Welcome back to the smog of Manila. Happy Easter!

ate grace

Rey said...

cool breeze... sandy beaches... tranquil atmosphere.


Anonymous said...
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Gypsy said...
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Anonymous said...

TO KEEP ME SANE: I think we all need to de-stress. I'm glad you've found the day to experience it. Hope you had a good one. - Ipanema

mon said...

When I was single I'll take my bike and ride away from home for a week and then ride towards home the next week, no destination, kung san lang mapadpad.

I haven't done that for sometime now, siempre I'd rather take my vacation with my family, mas masarap may kasama pero that doesn't keep me sane hahaha oooops.

niceheart said...

I would also love to watch the ocean while the sun is setting. Hay!

What keeps me sane. The quietness of the house after I have tucked the kids into bed. And then I'll be either blogging or watching my taped shows. :)

Abaniko said...

I have the same feeling for Bicol. I loved the fishponds there. Quiet, cool and sooo far from the noisy, fast-paced metropolis. If only I'm rich, I'll visit the place every month. :)

Gypsy said...

Leah, you just reminded me..blogging keeps me sane too. ;)

Verns, kakatawa ka talaga..hehe. Anong medication mo, caffeine? Ako rin. Hehe.

Anna,kaw, nang-intriga pa. Hehe. Di naman maginaw sa Calapan pero breezy kasi kaya okey pa rin.

Kathy, oo nga no, may internet access importante for blogaholics like me (us?) ;)

Ate Grace, you really should visit!!!

Rey, mag Sentosa ka na lang, maganda din naman ang beach doon di ba? :)

Ipanema, you said it. De-stressing seems to be an exercise we all have to do in this crazy world!

Mon, masayang-insane naman pag may pamilya di ba? So, okey lang. :)

Niceheart, yup blogging also keeps me sanes--plus movies!

Abaniko, good to know you were able to de-stress in Bicol. :)

lazarus said...

refreshed, de-stressed and revitalized.

Some of the things I do to keep me sane
1. write a poem - I haven't done that since my birthday.
2. play pc games
3. play badminton
4. drive around the city at night with wife
5. blog
6. and lately, we went to a mountanous area in cebu and enjoyed the scenery and the cool mountain breeze.

vernaloo said...

ahhh finally!

Blogger got some upgrading pala so my old account, the one I'm using in posting comments, was no longer active/valid so that's why hindi makapasok ang comments ko :)

:) looking forward to your next entry mare.