Tuesday, April 17, 2007


* should've been posted yesterday afternoon at 6pm...long story!

It’s 5:30 pm and I should still be working, even if it’s past office hours. But then how do you keep a blogger from expressing herself? I might just burst.

I have a ton of work to finish before I go off to Singapore for a five-day consultation next week. The thing is, the stuff I need to do this week is homework for the meetings in Singapore.

I actually have more than 3 months' worth of lead time to do my homework for the meetings...but there’s one crucial prerequisite for me to do any kind of work effectively: LAST MINUTE INSPIRATION.

Or, you can call it a good dose of panic-induced adrenaline.

Whatever it is called, I find myself so dependent to this “drug.” Does it make my work better? My colleagues say I’m efficient and I do deliver the goods on time so to speak, but of course, Jiminy Cricket who has taken up permanent residency in my head, would shake his head and say, “You can do so much better if you put more time and careful thought to it.”

Alas, Jiminy is probably better off with Pinocchio than with me.

Now I’ve expressed myself…I'd better get back to work before I lose my inspiration.


Swipe said...

I think it's called the art of cramming. Nice to meet a fellow practitioner in the blogosphere.

snglguy said...

I used to do that a lot in college, cramming for everything at the last minute. But since I joined the corporate world, I slowly learned to make good use of my time. And now that I'm a jobless bum, I'm slowly reverting back to my old ways, haha. :-D

Gypsy said...

I am guessing there are lots of us cram artists in the blogosphere. :)

Okey lang to revert back to your old ways..you're in good company!! Si Verns nga (see tagboard) crammer din eh. Hehe...sino pa kaya dyan.Hmm..

sillyserious said...

"Hi, I'm Aleks. And I'm a procrastinator."

(and of course i thought about putting off posting a comment here. hehe...)

Gypsy said...

Welcome, Aleks, to Crammers Anonymous. Hehe, I knew it, there's a horde of us out there. ;)

melai said...

sayang ano dapat pala nagkita tayo dyan sa SIngapore lol!

sexy mom said...

would you believe, today, this is the 3rd blogsite that i encountered about either procrastination or last minute? anyway, you know yourself more better that you would be able to deliver the work. good luck also!

redtag said...


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Alternati said...

I do my best work under pressure... I dunno why and I am a real poor planner. hehe... My conscience sounds a lot like Jiminy as well. :)

-naivete- said...


I have proved that I do perform better when I prepare at the last-minute. I finish half of the job on the last minute and guess what? Good-er ideas spur out of anywhere. Hehe. I got a B+ on my paper when I worked my ass on it in the morning and passed it on the afternoon. Hehe.

It's a relief that I'm not alone.

Have a nice day to you all!

Abaniko said...

Perhaps the trick in being able to do work early is to think that the deadline's tomorrow when it's still a month from now. Enjoy Singapore!

Gypsy said...

Melai, sayang nga. Hehe, paalis pa ko bukas.

SexyMom, as I said...there's many of is cram artists out there! Hehe.

Alternati, I am sure your Jiminy is at his wit's end--the same way mine is! Haha!

Naivete, thanks for dropping by. Wow B+ for a fresh-from-the-oven paper! Galing! Keep up the good (cram)work! Hehe.

Abaniko, I did that when I was studying..maybe should go back to that technique, that is, fooling myself. :)

Toe said...

We should all know our priorities in life. And blogging is one of them... ahehehe! :)

But I know what you mean about having to express yourself or else you would burst.

annamanila said...

Apparently, your adrenaline rush worked out fine for you. You seemed to be in good spirits when you came back. Congrats. Does your work really take you out of the country often. Great job you have ... but you're about to run to greener (colder yata) fields ha!

I have to thank you for what you wrote about my post on blogging. Ang sarap!! grabe -- ako ba yon?