Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Non-Negotiables (Revised)

As you can see from the title, I have revised this list. After much thought, I realize these are not values in the sense of 'being' or character values (what makes you tick or what ticks you off) but these are aspired operation values, that is, values of 'doing' (how you tick). As for character values, am going on a retreat, so will think through that list and blog them one of these days...meanwhile....this it it! I hope that sharing these will help you think through your own.

Caveat: Some of the operational values listed are already in operation in my life, while others are those I aspire to have and am committed to work on. After all, we are all works in progress, aren’t we?

1. Honest Self-Evaluation--Aware of my imperfections and wanting to always be made aware of my blind spots, I constantly seek to evaluate myself, my actions, my reactions and motives in the light of what blesses people and helps me grow as a person.

2. Liberating Boundaries--I want to rid myself of the “Messiah” complex. I understand and accept my limitations and release matters that are beyond my control to God.

3. Responsible and Strategic Stewardship—My fear is that one day, I will look back to a life full of “if only's.” I seek to wisely manage my time, talents, relationships, resources, and health in the light of what benefits the Kingdom.

4. Synergistic Relationship with God and Man—With an understanding that God is an all-wise, all-knowing Father who wants ultimately what is best for me and for His Kingdom, I constantly strive to know Him more, love Him deeper and seek His counsel in all things.

I also understand that no man is an island. Man thrives and grows in the context of relationships. I seek to learn to love, encourage and bless others—helping them bear fruit for His kingdom.

5. Sense of Humor--Humor has been a healing balm that cured many a heartache. It is a gift from God. I insist on using it. I insist on looking at the lighter side of life…to laugh at myself, laugh with others and be reminded to take myself lightly and take God seriously.

6. Analytical Mindset--Modern society offers many attractive concepts and trends. Some of them seem right superficially, some seem wrong at first glance. I fear finding myself following the Pied Piper and regretting too late. I seek to think through and analyze ideas, concepts and trends in the light of Scripture and God’s character.

7. Apportioning God’s Boundless Grace—I am keenly aware of my own imperfections and know that there will be times when I will fail. Instead of quitting, I unashamedly insist on going on, understanding that God in His grace extends forgiveness and gives second chances to those who fail.

I realize that there are operational values that I am holding on that may not be helpful in my growth as a person--these I have resisted putting into this list. I am symbolically (and hopefully in practice as well) letting go of them.

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