Friday, April 21, 2006

Confessions of A House Plant Killer

I just killed another potted plant.

As I cleared a pile of files off the top of my office cabinet, a poor little dead houseplant revealed itself behind it. It looked vaguely familiar, then I remembered the robust looking plant my boss gave me a few months back. To brighten up my office, she said.

My officemates snickered knowingly. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they placed bets behind my back on how long before the plant dies.

I wonder how long it had been struggling for survival! The poor thing looked like it had been gasping for water for quite some time before it finally gave up its spirit. But it might not have been THAT long since there was still one tired-looking leaf left that remained green.

After pausing for a moment of silence in respect to the house plant’s demise, I dumped it in the thrash can with a twinge of regret. If only I had been less forgetful! Maybe next time….

Oh well, who am I fooling here?

I believe that what is important to you, you won’t likely forget, whether its an errand, an appointment, a pet or a plant.

Friends tease me and wonder if maybe it’s because I'm too much of a free spirit. That is, not wanting or allowing myself to be bounded by anything—whether it's a responsibility to another person, a plant or a dog.

That really unsettled me. I do fancy myself a free spirit, but I wouldn’t like to think of myself so free as to be irresponsible. As far as I can remember, I very rarely missed appointments, or deadlines.

I go back to my original premise. I think it is a matter of viewing something as important enough to merit attention. Not to say that keeping a spot of greenery in my room is not important—unfortunately, there were other, more important things that distracted me, like appointments and deadlines.

Oh well, keeping a goldfish is now officially out of the question.



confidante said...

Ha ha ha. pareho na tayong namimiss ang mga berdeng halaman. berdeng tanawin, berdeng kapaligiran. Paano kaya magkakaroon ng kahit munting kaberdehan dine sa aking bintana? Balak kong magpalagay ng lagayan ng masitera ineng. tataniman ko kahit cactus ASAP.

Gypsy said...

speaking of cactus, namatay rin yong cactus sa may common area sa office namin--nalunod naman sa over-dilig ng staff. hehehe. Funny, huh? Ang plant ko namatay sa famine. Yong cactus naman, namatay sa flood. At least, di ako ang killer ng cactus.