Monday, November 03, 2008

Just one of those days...

By the time I saw my long lost uncle with his son in the crowded fruit section of SM megamall, it was too late to turn around and duck behind the pineapples. I knew by the direction of his eyes that it would just be a split second before he spots me. So I brave a delighted smile on my face and wave, “Uncle!”

As expected, the look he gave me was a cross between being pleasantly surprised and mildly exasperated. The last time we saw each other was gazillions of months ago at his daughter’s wedding. And even then, while he was enjoying the role of the proud father of the bride, he looked at me with mild exasperation.

Nothing has changed. For both sides, I guess. He is still mildly exasperated with this wandering gypsy of a niece who should set her priorities straight, get a life and settle down. I am still the wandering gypsy of a niece who has a life and probably may not settle for anything less than a better life than the one she already is enjoying!

True enough, the usual, almost one-sided conversation ensued,

“So where have you been these days?”

Singapore? Thailand?”

“Oh, you just came back from the UK?”


“No nice guys there?”

“Didn’t find any?”

As I gritted my teeth and smilingly replied to his questions and found a nice opening to say goodbye, I braced myself for the final usual goodbye my Uncle gives me.

“Get married! Okey? Don’t wait too long!”

So, off I went. Back to my lonely, rootless, crazy life—my uncle must presume.

However much I enjoy my own company, his exasperation put a damper on my good mood that day, which I spent on my own--having just left a friend right before I saw my uncle. It’s not that I don’t appreciate his concern, however misplaced it is. I do. But what gets me is me. Why do I get upset just because I cannot please him? Why do I let it affect me?

But hey, that’s life, eh? You can’t please everyone—whether you’re married or single, fat or thin, tall or short, somebody’s bound to have an opinion.

So long as I am fulfilling His (He not being my uncle…) purposes in my life, I am fine.

I will be fine.

And so will my uncle.


freeze said...

you can't please everyone, really. besides, what they want may be a thing of the past, times have changed. They should accept that but if they can't, we just have to live with it. :)

Lazarus said...

a male friend of mine no longer attend our church because he was annoyed at questions like, "Who's your gf? Your dad remarried, while you don't even have a gf?" And to think that he's over 40. Though it was some sort of a joke for some, it hurt him.

But he's still determined that he'll get married someday.

the donG said...

"So long as I am fulfilling His (He not being my uncle…) purposes in my life, I am fine.">>> very good outlook in life. i like the optimistic value of this post and probably of this blog.

Wil said...

Hayaan mo na lang sya. There's always going to be relatives like that. ;)

Rudy said...

Mahal na ang magasawa ngayon, better stay single, mwehehehe... just kidding. But really, I'm now happier being single than when I was married.

Leah said...

I guess that's old school mentality. Marry and the unmarried and get the childless couple reproduce.

At any rate, it always affect us since it really becomes personal, right?

Hope you are well.

I tagged you. Check it out whenever you get the chance

tutubi said...

i guess you're still searching and not settling for someone...keep on living your life the way you want to...

ipanema said...

hahahahaha...i can sense the urgency of that the uncle of yours. if he could find a willing groom in that supermarket then you have no escape!

oh well, don;t worry about him. all of us have different views and priorities in life.

marriage? not now perhaps. wait for cupid to come knocking on your door. hopefully the arrow will hit the target.

merry christmas! :)

Major Tom said...

That i think is a universal condition, you know about uncles and aunts, they always have something to say about this and that; sometimes a lot more inquisitive than our very own parents. But that's just being family --- it ain't complete without the berations and all.

Abaniko said...

I wonder why most people think that your life is a sad, lonely, miserable one if you're unmarried? Hay.

manilenya said...

tell him..go to don't tell him that, he's your uncle lol!

why they don't believe with the saying "if it comes it will comes"?

vernaloo said...

speaking of disappointing relatives, I have a cousin who until now is still not talking to me, well not in the same way he talked to me before when we were still very close.

He is like my favorite cousin and it was because of him that I took accountancy in college. Unfortunately the course was not for me and so I sucked big time. When I didn't pass the exam, everything just changed. Everything just went cold.

Sometimes I still wonder if it was really because of that or something else...hmmm

carlotta said...

if you're enjoying your life as it is right now, that's ok. keber ka na lang sa sasabihin ng iba :)

ako naman i always say na hinihintay ko lang yung oldest old maid tita ko na ikasal... maraming old maids sa pamilya ko btw so mahaba pa ang pila bago nila ako dapat pagdisketahan hehehe :D

Gypsy said...

You are right, some people do not realize that times have I will just have to live with it...*sigh*

I think that is the problem sometimes with the church, it is sometimes not very gracious to single people, even if they mean well, like my uncle!

Thanks! I try to be positive...but sometimes the negative rares its ugly head...hehe

I hope I wont be one of them when I grow old! ;)

Spoken from experience--I better heed you well then!

Okey na ako, thanks---blog venting always helps..hehe. Thanks for the tag, will get to it soon!

True! True! Thanks! :)

Haha! Buti nga walang groom for sale sa fruit section!

Major Tom
Hay naku totoo ka, kahit nanay di nga ganun!

Because they are trapped in a time warp...

..and if it doesnt come..okey lang din ako..hehe

Ano kaya yong something else???

You reminded me of a joke my friend texted me:
A friend always gets nudged by an aunt at weddings, "You're next," the aunt would say, winking...
So one time, she sat beside her aunt at a funeral service, she nudged and winked at her aunt, "You're next...!"

Hopefully with your situation, di mangyayari to.Hehe.

r-yo said...

ei! this is the third post on the same topic i have read today. what's causing all these. the "ber" months? he he.

Sexy Mom said...

you will be fine...yes with Him, you will be fine.