Monday, October 27, 2008

The Case of the Missing Links*

Is there a virtual yellow sticker tape that can be draped across this blog for the meantime while the investigation is going on? The crime being the Gypsy, in a moment of confusion, accidentally deleted the links from this blog while attempting to install a stat counter.

Initial findings show that the crime happened on October 25, between 2200-2315, Manila time. It has been determined that the links in question have been lost forever in oblivion, in the cyber black hole where all the deleted spams, email chain letters and letters from exes are forever sucked in---never to be seen again.

Meanwhile, sincere apologies are extended to the people behind the deleted links. If you can write a 500-word essay, double-spaced, explaining the benefits of your link to the cyberworld where the Gypsy is living, she will very much gladly link you back (The essay, of course, is a joke. You may write a poem instead. Or treat the Gypsy, or the policewoman, to a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolates, respectively).

*This police report written and authenticated by SPO1 Beng

(Please bear with this blog while the reconstruction---links, template, widgets---is ongoing. )


Abaniko said...

That's a good excuse for getting rid of blogs you don't quite like, eh? Joke, joke! Hehe.

I see 5 chat boxes below but the culprit of it all---the stat counter---is nowhere to be seen. Or you made it invisible in your setting? Tsk, tsk. ;P

r-yo said...

i agree with abaniko. he he. makapag-apply na nga lang uli. problem is, i can't write poems. can i just send you my mtv instead? :-)

Beng said...

The (earlier)presence of the 5 chat boxes was my fault! Hay, buti na lang nakita agad ni A. Thanks ha,A, ayan, naayos ko na. And I was wondering where the chat boxes were going. I was just looking at the sidebar, not realizing that they ended up at the bottom of the page. Haha, di na ako sanay sa blogger eh. Wordpress na kasi ako. :)

ZJ said...

Will a nice Khmer lunch do?

Good thing you didn't delete your entire blog!!

Gypsy said...

First of all: Beng,
WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT YOU???? Well to the others, actually I guilted Beng into this since first of all, low tech lang po ako and second of all, Beng got me into blogging in the first place, so she is OBLIGATED to help me when there is a need for damage control hehe...

Oo, invisible yong stat counter...hehehe...para naman may konting privacy pang naiwan..hehe.

MTV? Talaga?? Artista ka pala??? Hehe...

Waah! Will hold you to it!! Hehe..see you some time last week of January? :)

carlotta said...

hehe mukhang ayos na ulit :D congrats sa inyo ni beng! hahaha!

dimaks said...

good thing the police had mercy on me, hehe

sillyserious said...

the "crime scene" looks tidy now :) sorry to hear about ur blog woes, gypsy. beng is an able techie, so u're in good hands.

Rudy said...

Hay, buti na lang nandito pa yung pangalan ko, hehe.

Major Tom said...

A case of disappearing act or acts. I can do all of the things enumerated just to win my link back. :-)

Anyway, I have tag you for a meme...

Jap said...

Gypsy, thanks for relinking hehehe so, would that be Curly Tops or Hanee? lol

Dine Racoma said...

music touches my heart
soothes my soul
uplifts my spirit
stirs feelings long kept dormant
that envelop my entire being
caressing it to the very core

if i close my eyes long enough
i will hear the beating of my heart
going with the rhythm
of the beautiful music that perfectly fits
filling my whole being
with wonderful thoughts never imagined

there are things i don’t understand
that just happen, unexplained
just like the music
that stays on and on
even long after i open my eyes
and go on with my life
…a mystery