Sunday, November 23, 2008

One of Those (Good) Days

You know when you have one of those days that you want to put in a bottle, save it for a rainy day pick-you-upper?

Today was one of those days. I slept in and the light rain outside made it cooler than most days and all the more comfortable to snuggle up for another hour of lying in.

I woke up to a still day: no children hollering outside, no carpenters hammering away, no radio blaring news of doom. I curled up with a cup of coffee, reading The Shack, where I am half way—and in a weird way, something in the book reminded me of the two boxes that I had shipped back from the UK, which was due a few days ago. It had been niggling at the back of my mind—with my imagination running wild, something from The Shack stopped me from my imaginings and caused me to just say a short prayer, leaving everything to God. And on I went with my reading.

An hour or so later, what do you know? The boxes arrived! And at just the right time—that is, me being actually home (a rare event) to personally receive it.

I spent part of the afternoon “reuniting” with my stuff from the UK, including a bunch of dried lavenders I picked from the school gardens—now I can enjoy a whiff of the England summer in my Manila abode.

Then it was off to meet up with a friend at the mall (in a taxi with the driver actually giving me back my change…!) for a cheesy movie followed by a simple dinner and good conversation. Then to our pleasant surprise, a live wind orchestra was playing at the mall’s activity center. And so we sat enjoying coffee with the orchestra playing Beatles, Abba, Miss Saigon music, movie soundtracks and Christmas carols.

Now I’m back home and have just successfully assembled a nice lamp I bought in the UK and enjoying its warm glow while listening to quiet music and writing this piece.

If you think of it, there was nothing earthshakingly fantastic about today. But I think of this day as one of those small “bottled” treats tucked in unexpected nooks and crannies of life’s road to help us along in the journey. They could be something as simple as enjoying a bowl of Lucky Me Pancit Canton while reading greetings from long lost friends on my Facebook wall or chatting away ‘til past midnight with a friend on YM.

I am grateful that the Father knows enough to keep these “treats” sweet and simple, lest this pilgrim takes it all for granted and sets too high a bar on contentment.

The grass on my side of the fence is green!


carlotta said...

words fail me as of this moment but i do know what you mean re. the simple stuff. :D i bet you went to sleep smiling =)

thank God for days like this!

mitsuru said...

well, you can always paint your palette blue and gray. and just like ol' vincent used to say, "great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

have a good day.;)

Rudy said...

Ehem, anything in the box for moi? Hehehe... kidding. Anyways, I spent the better part of Sunday catching up on my ZZZs... pero parang kulang pa rin.

BTW, tuloy ba yung Chinatown walkathon natin with Carla and Jen on Dec 6?

Rowena said...

I also like Lucky Me pancit canton with few pieces of bread and a hot coffee.

Abaniko said...

Reading this post, I thought you're already replying to Jen's Gifts Of Grace meme. :-)

r-yo said...

yup! the secret to a happy life is setting low expectations. people tend to seek the grandiose these days, conveniently forgetting that little things can make life worth the while.

Major Tom said...

You could say its one of those "small but beautiful days", nothing so eventful but wonderously ecstatic.