Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From ADHD Bees to Rafa

It took literally one whole day for me to get from Chiangmai to Manila but having gotten home after two back to back flights, none of which is the most comfortable in the world, I am not too obviously tired (will see later when my head hits the pillow)—my mind continues to buzz like a busy bee and it flits from one subject to another as only an ADHD bee would.

It feels like ages since I was home—having started travelling at the beginning of October to Mindanao and ending it with about a week in Chiangmai. The diversity of faces, events and the variety of experiences, beds, food, morning rituals and conversations push and shove their way to the forefront of my thoughts, trying to grab my undivided attention—but to no avail.

What is forming before me as I try to process the past three weeks—is a monster of a to-do list: of resolutions, of projects and other to-do’s. This doesn’t include the to-do list I had already come up with after coming back from the UK.

On top of this is a pile of work that needs to be finished or followed up which I left behind at the end of September.

Theoretically, I hate the idea of busy-ness and so wish in my heart of hearts that life be less frantic, less toxic; more an amble rather than a sprint but hey, reality in this day and age seems to disagree.

The thing is, I did say theoretically—meaning, I have yet to experience a lifestyle that requires only ambling. Who’s to say I would actually prefer it? Would I end up climbing walls and go numb with boredom? Or would I bask in it and gleefully stop and smell every flower along the way?

A matter of conjecture at this point.

I wonder when it will be tested and proven--or disproved.


On a different note, coming home also meant catching up on what I’ve missed of the Madrid Masters. Weird. The last time I was interested in tennis was during Pete Sampras’ heyday and even then, hadn’t been a real follower. Until this year’s Wimbledon and I am converted for real. Thanks mostly to the Rafa-Roger phenomenal rivalry which has all the ingredients of a great drama. But aside from that, what fascinated me all the more are the different personalities that make up the tennis world and the fact that most players, though they may brutally demolish each other on court, can be such humble gentlemen off court. Exhibit A is Andy Murray’s humble pronouncements after beating THE Roger Federer (making his head to head record against Roger 3-2) and going on to win the championship—no chest-beating a la Usain Bolt in tennis, which is nice to see.

Anyway, I am happy to find out that a certain Spanish tennis player will still be able to maintain the number one spot by the end of the year. Too bad he lost at the semis to Gilles Simon but as always, he takes losing like the class act that he is. If at all possible, I hope that next year, this charismatic yet humble, well-brought-up young man will be able to top the fantastic 2008 year that he had—and deserved. But hey, the year’s not over yet, there’s still Paris, Shanghai and Davis Cup! Weee! Vamos Rafa!


r-yo said...

let me tell you this.. ambling is bliss. he he. nothing beats staying in bed or the sofa for the entire day while watching a marathon of telenovelas (at least for me, they're just a click away with TFC).

Jen said...

just visiting here :- ) i often see you at multiply! your are still traveling! : - )

Crescent said...

Yes, vamos to rafa! I'm very much impressed by how this young tennis player carries himself-- in dignified excellence. May he reign the tennis arena for years to come. And before anything else, nice blog!

janeser28 said...

hi there!
Got an award from u!

Rudy said...

With so much things on your "to-do" list, you might want to apply the brakes on your traveling muna and stay put, hehehe... :-D

Jap said...

Gypsy! I'm back as well hahaha

Rafa is gorgeous. But I'm a Federer fan. He's so graceful.

That said, why did you take out my bloglink? huhuhu Buhay pa po ako =P

Major Tom said...

So busy there's so like me, always looking for some busy-ness and hate being idle. By the way, welcome back to the Philippines...

Wil said...

I'm also a Rafa fan. I like that there's somebody out there who can beat Goliath (i.e. Federer). :)

mitsuru said...

Don;t like Nadal, I'm a Maria Sharapova fan. he-he.

Leah said...

You are truly a gypsy girl. Take it easy. I hope you can find time to relax.