Monday, April 07, 2008

"Seize" the Unexpected

Just when I thought I could stow away my hoodies and my jumpers and put on my summery short-sleeved tops…
Just when I thought I would trade my comfy thick slippers with flip flops…
Just when I thought I should set the heater aside and get myself a pair of sunglasses…
Just when I thought I could start studying al fresco instead of the warm comfort of my room…

I woke up with a start at 5:30 in the morning and saw a narrow sliver of dim amber colored light between my thick curtains. I burrowed my head back into the pillow but then looked back again at that familiar looking amber light and sensed how still it was. Saw I snuck out of bed, tip-toed and looked out my window but couldn’t see much through the condensation but had an impression of ghostly white shapes. My curiosity peaked and I went out to the corridor and looked through the half open window…and my hunch was right: snow had fallen.

As glad as I was for another chance to crunch on snow, I couldn’t help but wonder on how capricious the British weather can be. The past couple of weeks, you would think that we set our clocks forward one hour to welcome summer instead of spring. The past couple of weeks, we were playing in the sun and eating our dinner picnic-style under the bright evening sky.

And then…suddenly spring/summer gets interrupted by a winter that seems to be making up (with much embarrassment, I am sure) for its weak showing during its scheduled season.

You can gauge its embarrassment by its timid showing of hardly a foot of snow dusting all surfaces except the pavements and roads…and how quickly it melted away by noon.

Leaving not a few disappointed folks who decided to sleep in on a Sunday.

But then who knows, it might decide to keep its promise to show up again tomorrow and the next day as the weather stations predict. If one is to gauge from the way the temperature has again gone all the way down and the heating’s back in full blast, then maybe we will see another white and wonderful world (limited edition) tomorrow?


But for now, I leave my flip-flops within reach…
I put back on three layers of warm clothes…
I continue to study in the warm comfort of my room…
And enjoy this temporary time warp.

Whatever the case maybe, it pays to be flexible and enjoy the day as it comes.

Carpe Diem (with or without snow)!


carlotta1924 said...

grabe ang transformation jan sa may park bench, parang sa the lion, the witch and the wardrobe nung dumating si father christmas :D

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Gypsy,

We're melting in the heat here. What I'd do to have a whiff of snow! Enjoy the lovely weather out there.

Ate grace

Wil said...

Capricious weather indeed. I don't think I've heard of snow in the early morning that then melts a few hours later.

Toe said...

I guess that it's true what they say that in England, there are four seasons in one day. :)

ysrael said...

nice blog!

Major Tom said...

My Uncle Bert in Chicago had always complained about very heavy snowy weather like there's no golf for months to come and they virtually couldn't get out of the house, like they're being imprisoned.

I hope it ain't as worse there.

Rudy said...

That's British weather for you. No wonder my Brit expat friend would rather live and retire in these sunny islands.

Semaj Mahgih said...

Wish we could have the snow all over again.

ipanema said...

oh, is it late for snow or too early? sorry, am lost in the mountains...i guess it's still a wonderful view. enjoy winter! :)

Ferdz said...

Sometimes I'd like to experience that kind of weather. First time I saw snow I was so excited, but it wasn't fun anymore when I started slipping. haha

Gypsy said...

Right on! Narnia din nasa isip ko. :)

Ate Grace,
You should come to my bedroom--the heater was on full blast! Parang 'Pinas! Haha!

That's the English weather for wonder they talk about it a lot.

Good one! Never heard that before though. :)

Thanks for visiting. Come again!

Major Tom,
Well, there are places where the flood is really high...buti na lang sa mataas kami na lugar.

Here, here!

You and me both! :)Need more photo ops and snowball fights!

I think that was its last more snow na...but then never know. Hehe.

Yup, it gets quite slippery after awhile and that part is not fun! :P

rowena said...

Hi Gypsy, I thought din we will be suffering from the terrible heat here in Manila, then all of a sudden, it rained yesterday. Now PAGASA said there's a storm. That would be good news for all of us here...Hay sana mag snow din dito, asa pa noh?..he he

Gypsy said...

Rowena..blame it on global warming! ;)