Friday, April 04, 2008

Have You Ever...?

Facebook has this game called “Have you ever…” and after you answered whatever question is asked of you with a Yes or a No, you see the results on the following page accompanied by another question—and if I am going to base my sense of uniqueness on this test, then I’d probably fall flat on my face!

Imagine being asked,
“Have you ever licked the bottom of your shoe?”
…or “Have you ever eaten gum off the ground?”
…or “Have you ever been licked by a cow?”
…or “Have you ever swam with a crocodile?”


Naturally, the resulting percentage of people who actually said “yes” to the above questions are at a minimum. But the fact that they are not less than 8% makes me wonder about them. These are obviously some of the most interesting people on planet Facebook. I would say none of them would be people I know since I have a sneaking suspicion my friends are interesting but not in a “I-licked-the-bottom-of-my-shoe” kind of way.

Though some questions need qualification---like for example,
“Have you ever intentionally killed an animal?”
…well! A mouse does come under the animal category, right?

And then there are the questions that you don’t want to be caught dead saying yes to, like:
“Have you ever pretended losing your wallet so you don’t have to pay for a meal?"
Of course, I would say no (especially since this is on Facebook which would then eventually publish your answers) and I promise you, I am being TRUTHFUL in this occasion…

While some of them would constitute real abnormality if you say no to them, like
“Have you ever felt like dropping everything and escaping from everyone?”
…or “Have you ever felt alone in a roomful of people?”
…or “Have you ever missed someone that you actually felt the pain?”
…or “Have you ever wished you could turn back time?”
…or “Have you ever pretended that everything was alright when it wasn’t?”
…or “Have you ever been so confused that you didn’t know what to do?”

I am relieved that in these instances, I am actually with the majority--that is, I am normal!

But how about “Have you ever wished you were someone else?”
…hmm, what if I did wish this, even just for a rare second, when I chanced on a photo of a sparkling and sunny Kate Hudson? I’d venture to say that this still means I’m normal!

But then again, I was not asked certain questions that would show that even if I have never swam with a dolphin or gotten married in Las Vegas or been to Paris or Egypt, I still could say that I had some pretty exciting times.

Oh well, I guess one person’s excitement could be another’s “Yikes-I-wouldn’t-do-that-even-if-I-were-paid-a-million-bucks…” situation.

Whatever. At least I am over my “I-wish-I-was-Kate-Hudson” moment. I’m back to being happy with myself!

So what have you ever done that would put you on the normal-but-special category?


R-yo said...

Tried thinking. Nothing came out after out after a minute. What does that mean? Not normal na nga, not special pa? Wow! I think I need to do weirder stuff. :-)

Rudy said...

I've always been the abnormal one in the family... just ask my Mom. ;-)

Major Tom said...

Those were very fun questions. I actually have a Facebook account and might as well revisit it and enjoy the new and exciting things going on over there.

It leaves me wondering now in fact about how in the world does anyone ever think of licking the bottom of one's shoes. It's just crazy. :-)

Abaniko said...

Have you ever (accidentally) swallowed a cockroach? And my answer to this is YES. Yikes!

Semaj Mahgih said...

The sooner you get out of Facebook the better, you know.

Gypsy said...

How about I tag you on this? See what you come up with after some muni-muni time. ;)

You mean...eccentric? Hehe...

Major Tom,
Yup Facebook has loads of stuff, some not so good ones that I get tagged by friends on which I ignore..anyway, enjoy going back to Facebook!! And yes, there are loads of crazy people out there...

Okey lang yon, the Thais call it a snack!

Hmm..I think I know what you mean..but I am there initially just to get to photos of friends, and then got hooked somewhere along the way, haha!

carlotta1924 said...

hmm. i think i've always been considered as a weirdo, eccentric, anthing but normal lol :)

zherwin said...

we always have our own share of being weird and being the odd man out. if we didn't, well, that's abnormality.

exskindiver said...

i am thinking gyps.
i am thinking.

rowena said...

Hi Gypsy, normal but special? Let me think, when I was in college we used to call ourselves AB-normal people (Bachelor of Arts degree holders), he he and it really showed, lahat kami weird, just kidding...

Gypsy said...

Carlotta, sould like me! Hehe...birds of the same feather..have blogs!

Zherwin, true ka jan and if we didn't that makes us either dishonest or boring!

Exskindiver...not too much or you'll get a headache! :)

Rowena, AB din ako--as in AB Comm Arts and like you, we were the least normal group in college!