Monday, November 12, 2007

My 110th Post


Since I missed celebrating my 100th post, (I think I was in the midst of transition then), I decided to celebrate my 110th post instead, first, by turning my blog pink and now, listing 110 of my favorite 'stuff' in life , in random order…

  1. Sleeping in, tucked under smooth, fresh-scented sheets on a queen-sized bed on a rainy day.
  2. Eating my favorite instant noodle while watching a really funny movie on DVD.
  3. Chilling in Baguio.
  4. Blogging.
  5. Taking “artsy” photos that actually come out really artsy.
  6. Rainbows.
  7. Chatting non-stop about everything and anything over Figaro coffee with my favorite people.
  8. Reading a page-turner late at night when the world is still.
  9. Walking along nature trails in cool mountain retreats.
  10. Wide windows.
  11. Tomato ketchup.
  12. Worshipping at Christ Commission Fellowship.
  13. Going for a one-hour thai massage at my favorite massage place.
  14. Mining up spiritual treasures from my Bible.
  15. Longsilog Breakfast (with tomato ketchup).
  16. Having “whatever” conversations with my nieces.
  17. Serving friends my specialties: Chicken Curry or Spaghetti Bolognese.
  18. Sudoku.
  19. People-watching at airport lounges.
  20. Swapping belly-aching jokes with friends.
  21. Foot spa.
  22. Getting around on my own in other countries.
  23. The smell of the ground after the rain.
  24. Practicing my meager Thai.
  25. Bringing foreign visitors around Manila (on public transport!!) and getting them to enjoy our local food.
  26. Earrings.
  27. Spur-of-the-moment out-of-town trips.
  28. Giving the right gifts to people.
  29. Dark chocolate.
  30. Crossing out stuff from my TO DO list.
  31. A good bargain.
  32. A good sneeze.
  33. The scent of Sampaguita (I think its Jasmine in English?)
  34. Meeting up with long lost friends I never thought I’d see again.
  35. Filling up forms. (Yeah, I’m weird that way).
  36. Figuring out people’s personalities/temperaments through Myers Briggs (and finding out I am right.)
  37. Finishing assignments.
  38. Flip flops.
  39. Finally making use of stuff I’ve put aside (read: hoarded) for future use.
  40. NOT getting spam in my inbox for a change.
  41. That “Eureka” moment when I finally understand the convoluted sentences written by academic scholars.
  42. Surfing for and installing nice desktop images.
  43. My Canon digicam, TK.
  44. Listening to foreign friends talk about behind-the-headlines stuff about their countries.
  45. Japanese Green Tea.
  46. Some structure in life.
  47. No-beating-around-the-bush people.
  48. Pleasant surprises.
  49. Writing.
  50. McSpaghetti.
  51. Tulips.
  52. Making lay outs.
  53. Warm hands and feet even when it’s cold.
  54. Warm “jumpers.”
  55. Long emails from my favorite people.
  56. A heater (at least, while I am here in the UK).
  57. Jack Bauer (in case you didn’t notice).
  58. My laptop, CK.
  59. Denzel Washington movies
  60. Ice cold Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi (whichever is available).
  61. Crossword puzzles.
  62. Sushi
  63. Freshly laundered clothes
  64. Staying in Thailand.
  65. Carnations.
  66. Summer rains.
  67. A warm tight hug from a friend.
  68. Light romantic comedies like “While You Were Sleeping”
  69. Yahoo Messenger (alas! My friends are online while I am asleep, and vice versa)
  70. Being the first to “get the joke.”
  71. Witty people.
  72. Babies (when not crying)
  73. Nice clothes.
  74. Josh Groban
  75. Rich, deep colors
  76. Treats and freebies.
  77. Strong warm shower.
  78. Violin music.
  79. Sharing.
  80. Reminiscing about my time at the refugee camp. (No, I wasn’t a refugee, I worked there.)
  81. Picking up a foreign language.
  82. People who know how to say “Thank you.”
  83. Comfortable chairs where I can sit with my feet up or tucked under.
  84. Bailey’s and/or Kahlua
  85. My space.
  86. Autumn (for the colors not the chill).
  87. Fresh air.
  88. Considerate people.
  89. Pure unadulterated silence
  90. Mushrooms (not the magic ones!)
  91. Common sense.
  92. Sincere smiles.
  93. Nice, accessible, hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve good and reasonably priced food.
  94. Latin music.
  95. Class discussions (yes, yes, I am a bit of a nerd.)
  96. Thai/Vietnamese/Indonesian/Malaysian Local Coffee (served with condensed milk!)
  97. Different types of bath products (shampoo, shower crème, etc.)
  98. Nice immigration officers.
  99. Summer.
  100. Contact lenses (not the colored ones)
  101. Efficiency.
  102. Wings. (Ladies, you know what I mean.)
  103. Well-composed, powerful, emotive photographs.
  104. Everything from the 80’s (excluding fashion and hair)
  105. Picking an unfamiliar dish in a menu and discovering that I made the right choice.
  106. Philippine Mangos
  107. Pinikpikan manok at Café By the Ruins in Baguio. ( I don’t want to explain this dish to the faint-hearted.
  108. Clean, spacious, well-decorated, nice-smelling bathrooms (amply supplied with toilet paper and liquid soap).
  109. Neon yellow highlighters.
  110. Lists.



carlotta said...

wow, you got a great list here. most of them are my faves too. =)

btw, i've got some friends at ccf too. do you go to ccf st. francis?

snglguy said...

Ay kahaba naman ng list mo! Wahaha :-D

Weird ka nga, Siobe. You're actually the only person I know who gets a "high" filling out forms, haha. :-D

lazarus said...

wow, a very unique way of celebrating a blogging milestone!

Wil said...

agree with you on the philippine mango. sayang walang philippine mango dito sa states. napakalayo ma-import kasi. well, the ones that make it are either no longer fresh and/or expensive.

vernaloo said...

wow worked at a refugee camp?? coolness!

love While You Were Sleeping too...but i guess you know that already hehe

ipanema said...

lovely list...happy 110th! :)

intsik said...

first, CONGRATULATIONS on your pink backgroiund and the new look fits you well... and your bag! hahahahaha

bolognese friend? kung magkita tayo isa sa mga taong buhay pa tayo, gawan mo ako... paborito ko yang spag na yan... tsaka puttanesca! hehehe tsaka aglio olio! hahahahaha

kinilig ako for nth time after WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING the other night. na enjoy ko talaga xa.

gandang-ganda ako sa pink dito! hahahaha

Abaniko said...

I'll wait for your 999th post then. We'll see what stuff you'll put in your list. :)

kayni said...

Congratulations for the 110th entry. The vaguely remember how a sampaguita smells these days. Keep blogging.

Marilyn said...

Someone else said it already- did yo pick the pink to go with the barbie bag? Actually I love it but you know me!

Congrats on the 110th. You are much more masipag than I. Your list is almost like I would make-so no wonder we are friends who pick up where we left off. Then we always knew we think alike di ba?

miss ya,

Gypsy said...

Carlotta, thanks! I go to St Francis Square as well, would love to meet up with you and your friends one sunday (when I get home) :)

Snglguy, sobra ka naman, di naman ako naha-high no, hehe...

Lazarus--thanks and I don't think I am doing a list again, it took me over a few days going back and forth making this list!!

Wil, I miss it, too since I came to the UK. The ones I see in the groceries are from elsewhere and expensive as well, yoko bumili and find out di masarap, sayang pera, hehe.

Verns, yup I worked in the same refugee camp as Chesca-in fact we overlapped, but only found out as we 'blogged' along..hehe.

Ipanema, thanks!! I would love to know what you have on your list if ever!

Intsik, o ba, pero mga one year ka pang maghintay..hehe.

Abaniko, as I told Lazarus--one and only ito, medyo napasubo nga ako dito eh..hehe.

Kayni, really? Wala ba dyan? I was able to buy a room spray na jasmine, tuwa ko nga!

Marilyn, yeah--we do think alike, sometimes it is creepy, haha! Miss you, too, friend and hope to skype with you again some time!

niceheart said...

Wow, this is a nice long list. I like number one. I can't remember the last time i slept in. :)

I'm intrigued by the pinikpikan manok. First time I've heard of it.

zherwin said...

there goes While you were sleeping again! magtayo kaya tayo ng fans club? hahaha.

Jap said...

Longsilog breakfast got stuck in my head til 110 lol! Miss ko tuloy almusal sa pinas =)

Misyel said...

Pinikpikan Manok, hmmm yummy! Nagutom akong bigla... Happy 110 post. More to come! BTW, nice layout. Pink, I love it too! :)

Gypsy said...

Niceheart, ask anyone from the Mountain Province about it, I think it's their comfort food. :)

Zherwin, I bet sandamakmak tayo, hehe.

Jap, that makes two of us..ayan, may kadamay na ako..;)

Misyel, thanks!! Pareho na sana tayo if you didn't change..hehe, anyway, your new one is nice as well. :)

aryo said...

Wow! Andami nun a. Looking forward to your 500th post. :-)

Leah said...

Hi Gypsy...
wahh.where's my comment? nawala?
Anyway, here it goes again.
I was saying I could not see your layout well in Firefox. but I switch to IE and it was OK. It really looks nice.

I love your lists. We love so many same things.
A Thai massage is something I'd like to experience. I dseperately need a massage right now.

And those earring look nice. I like similar kinds.

Wishing you rainbows after smelling rain on the ground.
And cheers to more posts to come.

Annamanila said...

What a cool, long list to pick a gift from for you this Christmas. Sayang, ang layo mo eh. hahaha Magandang strategy ito for giving broad hints ah. Teka .... are you tagging me? Joke

I share quite a few of your fave things -- a good book, silence, hugs, a good cup of coffee (decaf na ako, though), while you were sleeping, but not sudoku and pinikpikan -- i know how that's prepared :( pero masarap ba talaga?

Anonymous said...

What does it matter--10 posts or 1,000, they're worth celebrating! I love your new look. You're right, it's more gypsy-ish; very unique, too. You tagged me ages ago but I am still technically challenged after almost one year of blogging. I'll try to ask Aleks to help me one of these days.
Love, Ate grace

Gypsy said...

Aryo, hmm...iba na plano ko for the 500th, ayoko ko ng mapasubo. Hehe.

Leah, sorry to hear that my blog doesnt come out well in your firefox wonder why, okey naman sa akin but I heard some others had the same problem..:( Anyway, thanks for the wishes!

Anna, sige nga tag kaya kita? Pang ilang post mo na ba? I would love to read about your favorites! And yes, pinikpikan is yummy, you should try it if you visit Baguio!

Ate Grace, thanks! And I look forward to you doing the'll have to tag others, too, ha. ;)

rowena said...

hi gypsy, congrats on your 110th post. love your new template. i also just posted my 100th post. cheers to us!