Friday, November 30, 2007

Excitement Is In The Eyes of the Beholder

Events this week:

In the Philippines
An earthquake hit Manila!

In Gloucester
The sun sets at 4pm!

In the Philippines
A typhoon hits Zamboanga!

In Gloucester
The temp’s down to 6c at night!

In the Philippines
A coup attempt was squelched!

In Gloucester
There’s a Christmas Market at the Town Centre!

I miss home.


carlotta said...

iba parin ang excitement dito ano? hehehe. gaano ka katagal jan?


carlotta said...

tagged you pala. check out me blog

paolomendoza said...

i know exactly what you mean. even if it's all cheery and wonderful in the place i live, i'd give it up to be in the coup. =P

dimaks said...

who does not miss home? :) especially my hometown mindanao :)

Rudy said...

All those exciting events... and you're far far away. Sayang ano? But hey, I'd gladly switch places with you anytime. :-D

Have a great weekend in "boring" Gloucester, Gypsy. :-D


aCey said...

hi, gypsy! interesting blog you got here.

Major Tom said...

These happenstances---they are clearly stranger than fiction.

ipanema said...

now you've experienced another world. i hope you enjoy the Christmas Market! when are you leaving for Ireland?

be safe! :)

vernaloo said...

ay ang boringgggggggggggg naman jan!!! hrhrhrhrhr

zherwin said...

me military tank ba dyan na pumapasok ng hotel? dito lang yan!!! :)