Thursday, September 20, 2007

Promises to Keep

There’s a nice apple tree outside my window. Everytime I look out to it, the word “temptation” comes to mind--and how I need to resist it.

The temptation to...

Go out and enjoy the remaining days of summer sunshine – or be holed up in my room starting my reading assignments.

Go out and have a cup of coffee at the dorm lounge with new friends – or go and check out reference books in the library.

Go out and watch a movie at the TV room – or do some research on the net for assignments.

Go out and learn how to play “cricket” with my dormates – or settle down and write a paper on this controversial topic called “postcolonialism.”

…and I am gently reminded by Robert Frost:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”


Annamanila said...

Go out with new friends. Learn cricket with dorm mates. Go.

But if I know you, you will walk the miles and keep the promises first.

I am so glad to see how well you'er adjusting ... with a beautiful and lively post like this ... you must be fine.

exskindiver said...

a balanced life is key.
happy for you, gyps.

lazarus said...

ah Frost, my favorite poet!

I'd like to lie down under that apple tree and read my favorite books.

btw, you have a niew view there, gypsy!

Toe said...

I'd go out and enjoy the remaining days of sunshine. Once autumn comes, it will be a long time before you enjoy such glorious sunny days. :)

snglguy said...

Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening was my favorite Robert Frost poem. I originaly wanted to use it as my blog title's tagline...

Glad to know you're settling in comfortably, Gypsy. :-)

Have a great weekend

melai said...

korek..agree ako kay mam toe ..enjoy the remaining summer days :)

ipanema said...

this is the second time i saw Frost today. yes, enjoy the sunlight. happy weekend! :)

intsik said...

hi dear! how are you? musta ang mga britons? heheheheheh

at times, kailangan nga talagang gawin muna ang mga bagay na dapat tapusin before we actually say: puede na bang mag good time?! hehehe

i hope ur doing fine there!

Abaniko said...

Don't you think it should be

"And a post to publish before I sleep,
And a post to publish before I sleep.?"

Gypsy said...

Annamanila, thanks and I am doing well! ;)

Chesca, I try to say that to myself too...sigh!

Lazarus, there's actually an old wooden bike shed on the left so I made sure to keep the camera on a nicer angle..hehe.

Toe & Melai, you're both right--thats why I went out exploring today (Saturday). It has been a lovely day! :)

Snglguy, then you should have used that as your tagline! Para mas maraming positive rants..err..I mean, posts. ;)

Ipanema, yup, I'm looking forward to sunday! :) Having an Indian meal with classmates! Yehey!

Intsik, oo nga yong good time pang reward sa sarili! :)

Abaniko, WHOA! That was EXACTLY what I was thinking of putting in but it didn't sound right, hehe.

alain said...

mukhang litong lito yata sa dami ng agenda ah! Tama nga yatang enjoy mo muna ang ganda ng panahon, kasi sa winter baka ginawin ka eh magkulong ka lang sa kwarto.

Have fun Gypsy

niceheart said...

What a lovely view. And very tempting nga. I see that you've already went out. It's good to enjoy the remaining days of summer. It's already fall here in Winnipeg.

Have a nice weekend, gypsy. :)

Jap said...

Gypsy, buti ka pa nakakita na ng apple tree ehehe that should be enough for now. First things first ika nga =) control, girl hehehe good luck on your studies. hope you could still do all those 'temptations' soon =)

Major Tom said...

A sight to behold, those apple trees. I've only seen them on TV or movies, and never seen one in actuality. Lucky you over there...

tutubi said...

yeah, that classic robert frost poem...i've neglected poetry for a long time now. i used to write some years ago :(