Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Half and Half

**posted at the old NAIA, which, to my delight, has a weak wifi signal.:-)

That is what I would have to reply when people ask me whether I am excited to leave for the UK. Half of me just went through a 2006 issue of Trafalgar Travel Book and got really excited about the places I will be able to visit while there, and the other half wishes I could stay on in Manila to do some more work.

The thing is, a lot of good things have been happening in work and it seems a pity to leave them. I am actually leaving them to able hands but still…

It’s the control freak in me who wants to always be around to set things up and work things out—but God reminded me, “You know what, the world actually continues to spin on its axis quite without incident while you sleep!”

Oh yeah, Lord, thanks for reminding me You’re in charge of my work since it is after all Your work.

So I take a step of faith—both ways—away from the work that I love, and into a new and unknown future.

Now I am 100% excited.

Cheerio, and may you also experience how it is to leave things to the Boss!


snglguy said...

Cheerio?? Ngayon pa lang English accent na, paano pa kaya pagbalik mo next year... haha. :-D

PS: By the time you read this comment you would have been in merry old England. Lotsa luck, Jojie. :-)

vernaloo said...

yeah HE'S THE MAN!

Surely by the time you read this you're already in UK..blimey! I reckon you're super giddy hehehe

o sha..tah-tah na muna...blog upon arrival hehe

Toe said...

Naku, you must be in Cloud 9 right now... nearer to the Boss! Good luck Gypsy!

Jap said...

Best of luck to your new adventures, Gypsy. =)

Roy said...

"Half and half!" a great answer when you have mixed emotions. Here's an alternative response, that says it all, and gets a laugh ... (and a laugh is always good when you have mixed emotions)

So, how do you feel about going to the UK?


Jay Cam said...

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intsik said...

my friend! i wish you well!

naku good luck sa british accent! friend, balita ko eh yang mga briton eh the most courteous men in the world! hahahahahaha

cge nga...! tingnan natin!

Gypsy said...

Snglguy, actually read your comment in Dubai :) Thanks, mate! Di ko alam ano na accent ko pagbalik, am so mixed up as it is..

Verns, mas fluent ka pala sa Brit english, ah! Di pa ako maka blog. Ipa-muni muni mo muna ako and of course, get over jet lag...;)

Toe, thanks, in Cloud 9? Hmm.. mga 12 hours ago yes. hehe..

Jap, thanks, kapatid!

Roy, thanks for dropping by! So far, nobody has asked me how it is to be here yet...maybe later. :)

Jay Cam, will do that! Thanks for the visit!

Intsik, well the immigration officer was quite courteous..;) handsome pa! Odivah..

Ynon said...

ei, how are u doing? it takes a lot of courage to leave things you really care and start off a new slate. but i think u have a lot of inspiration to do that. ;)

exskindiver said...


Gypsy said...

Ynon and Chesca, thanks! :)

ipanema said...

hey, i know you're in England right now. am not sure which part though. anyway, wala naman ako dun ...hahahha. sya, ingat dyan. pag may nag propose, yes agad! :)

Annamanila said...

I am glad that in the english parts where you are people smile and are friendly. It makes all the difference even to a travel-jaded gypsy, doesn't it .. to feel she's in a warm place although the temperature might dip.

Ano na nga bang season and inabutan mo dyan ... nearing winter na ba? A cozy fire to keep you warm then! -- and I don't just mean the fire that can be sparked by a match.

Gypsy said...

Ipanema, wow ha parang napaka sure mo na me magpopropose!! ;)

Anna, its just slowly going into Autumn so its nice that I can still wear my flipflops and enjoy the sun outside..a cozy "fire"??..hmm...err...hehehe...