Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Extravagance of God

*written on Sept 10.

“God cannot do things that are not extravagant.”

The preacher said on my first Sunday service here in England. How apt. How true. I’ve been here for 5 days and still I find myself incredulous that I’ve managed to get here. Many months back when I started the whole process, I was less than positive that I would make it—there were too many hurdles and hoops. But the whole process went amazingly smooth that I could not help but think that this must really be something that God wants me to get into.

Of course, I have yet to get myself to campus and face whatever academic hurdles there is--but the past 6 days have shown me so many glimpses of God’s extravagant grace.

He’s provided me with generous colleagues who have opened their home to me for a week’s stay. This didn’t just mean a roof over my head but food and hospitality!

He’s provided me with the best sleep I have ever had in ages—I’ve had a full 8 hours of sleep and at British time as well…funnily enough, no jet lag. I just slept when the sun went down and got up when it rose. Well, it didn’t hurt that I had an unbelievably cuddly duvet!

He’s provided me with fabulous food—and yes, I can honestly say that the English meals I’ve had have been good and they were as English as it could get: Toad in the Hole (not what you think it is), Scotch Eggs, Tea and Cream, Scones. Unfortunately no Fish & Chips as of yet (I wonder what they’ll think if I dip them with catsup instead of vinegar…)

He’s provided me with great sunny and comfortably cool weather, so I could take walks and enjoy the neigborhood I’m in (it’s obviously a fancy—or as the Brits would say—posh neighborhood, what with houses having names instead of ordinary numbers with the street name attached to it—like No. 10 Downing Street…)

He’s gotten my generous hosts to bring me to some sightseeing at Windsor…and with the Union Jack flying high on one of the Castle’s tower, the queen was even in residence! I never got to visit the Queen or chase the little mice under her chair (ugh) but just going around the outside grounds, watching a Society wedding from the outside of the Guild House where Prince Charles and Camilla exchanged vows, and having tea and cream in the Windsor church that the Queen frequents, taking a walk along the River Thames…how could I complain?

He’s given me the best Sunday I’ve had. After a stirring sermon, I was able to enjoy a scrumptious potato and beef stew lunch with my hosts’ family friends in their farm, then go off for apple picking and “brambling” that is picking blackberries in their orchard. Perfection was ending this whole fun day with tea and scones.

All I expected was a place to adjust my body clock and maybe some introduction to British culture but God have me The Works---and how extravagantly! I wonder sometimes why He bothers, but He does and I am thankful.


mitsuru said...

Tea in the afternoon ha? How Brit you are na?! :)

Good luck to your English Educ/ assimilation. :)

exskindiver said...

amazing how God works when you least expect it.
Nice of you to remind all of us to be grateful.

aryo said...

Enjoy the blessings! More to come!

Wil said...

I assume you lift your pinky when drinking your cup of tea. hehe. Sounds like everything's going great.... I mean smashing. :D

Ta ta. :D

Toe said...

Oh, how utterly smashing! You're really immersing yourself in everything British Gypsy. :)

What wonderful experiences for your first few days there. You are indeed blessed.

the philosphical bastard said...

great that you're having fun. enjoy!

niceheart said...

What a lovely and very grateful post. Good for you gypsy. :)

Gypsy said...

Mitsuru, di pa rin--I've switched back to coffee na..hehe.

Chesca, amazing nga talaga. :)

Aryo, thanks!!

Wil, I actually can't life my pinky when sipping my tea--baka mahulog pa ang cup, hehe.

Toe, smashing indeed! Thanks!

Pao, Yes, am enjoying myself--despite the fact that my fingers and toes seem to always be freezing these days...

Niceheart, thanks! Hope I will learn to always be grateful and not take all these for granted. :)

Swipe said...


if you happen to see keira knightly or emma watson, could you please put her in a box and fedex her to me.

Jap said...

You deserve it, dahling =) oh my, you know Brit slang already! hehehe take care, gypsy =)

kayni said...

I'm glad you're adjusting well. God is great! He provides. I'll be checking on your blog much more often for the coming weeks. Work seemed to have slowed down - for now.

Roy said...

Welcome to Britain. What an excellent close up view you are getting of why being British is so completely different from being American. Indeed, what an extravagant God we have!

Annamanila said...

What a beautiful post, lyrically written. It makes me happy that my friend the gypsy is extravagantly blessed where she is now. Also makes me nostalgic ... i was happy in England too.

Gypsy said...

Swipe, hahaha! Will do that, although I am not sure if they would appreciate it. :)

Jap, thanks! Actually I am relearning the English language over here..so many different terms!

Kayni, thanks! Yes God is indeed good.

Roy, hmm...I was never even thinking of the comparisons to Americans! How like a "Brit" you are for thinking that! *snicker*

Annamanila, talaga? You were here, too? Maybe you can give me tips about living with the Brits from a Filipino perspective! ;)

snglguy said...

So instead of merienda you now enjoy high tea in the afternoon, how lovely!

Now you have to learn the basics of their national sports, Cricket, to be in the loop. ;-)

ipanema said...

Now, your post is starting to sound English to me. Good to read that your duvet is culdy enough to transport you to dreamland. Lovely photos by the way! :)

be well. :)

beng said...

Ang saya-saya! I am absolutely thrilled for you, experiencing the overwhelming extravagance of God. :) Waiting for more kwentos. ;) Ingat ka diyan.

rowena said...

nice photos, very wonderful post and experiences...my sis just left today for japan for her masteral given by the japanese govt.. i hope she'll get the same treatment from some friends too.

confidante said...

Do you know that I've read about this blog three times? I keep thinking about it - the extravagance of God.

James said...

Ah, powerful phrase: the extravagance of God! The ultimate proof being His own Beloved Son on the Cross dying on our stead!

Thank you Lord!