Monday, July 16, 2007

Like IV Drip to A Patient

Like IV drip to a hospital patient.

Like Diet Coke to a model.

Like face lift to an aging movie star.

Like Starbucks to yuppies.

That is what internet connection is to me, I’m afraid. I came up to Baguio yesterday, two days early for a seminar hoping to catch some R & R before work takes over. I was planning for some peace and quite in a haven tucked somewhere in the hills of Baguio. It’s stillness, I thought, would be such an ideal place for me to rest, reflect and be silent.

Sounds like a great plan!

Until I found out the phone lines were down. *gasp!*

Then I realized that I was only enamoured with the idea of quiet rest and reflection. In the end, this is still pathetically conditional to the presence of internet accessibility.

And so after a moment of reflection this morning, I went off to Session Road, logging my hulk of a boyfriend CK, in search for that IV drip called FREE WI FI ACCESS. The sign on the window outside Zola Café was the sole reason I wandered in.

Not so much the fact that they were playing Pop Goes my Heart when I came in.

Not so much that they actually have tomato catsup which I need to go with my tocilog breakfast.

Not so much for the efficient and friendly service.

If the place were a dump and the service bad, I would still be a happy camper as long as there is free wifi…and as long as they don’t throw me out even if I have hogged this table for the past couple of hours!

Ain’t I easy to please?!


aryo said...

He he. Adik! Dapat communing with nature ang tripping mo dyan.

vernaloo said...

ay adik! hehehe can't blame you my friend...if my internet in the office goes loco, I become know..hindi mapakali lol :)

dimaks said...

sana dumami pa ang mga zones na ganyan :)

snglguy said...

Better make sure that what you ordered is worth more than internet access time, hahaha. :-D

Ohh, nasa Bagiou ka pala. Why not look for Alternati and have an EB while you're there?

Annamanila said...

I am as easy to please as you are, Gypsy.

Sometimes, I also get worried about overdependence on the internet for my happiness. hahaha

Let me tell you of my Sunday.

I had no connection for a whole day. So I went to the mall to shop. I passed by an internet cafe, went in for what I promised myself was a 30-minute looksee into my email box. The 30 minutes became 3 hours. oooh. After shopping, went home to find dsl still broken. Went to a spa for an hour of swedish ... then passed by another net cafe. Guess what happened next. oooh.

exskindiver said...

yay for wifi!

Wil said...

Sometimes I think I'm on the internet too much, like I need a vacation from it. I guess I'm sort of glad that they monitor us at work so I can do actual work and not surf the internet or chat. hehehe. Enjoy ka dyan sa Baguio. :D

Gypsy said...

Aryo, ukay-ukay tripping ko dito aside from blogging..heheh.

Verns,oo nga, nakaka-seizure pagwalang internet connection. hehe.

Dimaks, wish ko rin yan--sa Davao lahat ng coffee shops may free wifi. Heaven!!

Snglguy, oo nga naisip ko nga to check with Alternati kaso puno na schedule ko with people I have to meet up with, eh...will make sure to do that next time...

Anna! HAHA! I LOVE YOU! You make me feel sooo much better! Hehe, ma mas adik pa pala sa akin. hehe.

Exskindiver, double yehey! ;)

Wil, buti hindi ka nagwi-withdrawal dyan..hehe.

Swipe said...

Wahahaha!!! I remember the feeling of internet withdrawal from when my computer crashed.

It is such a pain in the arse.

ipanema said...

Siguro nanginginig ka ano? Naku gypsy, na-addict ka na nga. Ako, pag nawalan ng connection, di mapakali. :)

At least, you found that cafe. I bookmark mo si cafe. :)

Gypsy said...

Swipe, hey long time no drop by ah..:) welcome back. Hope you've recovered from your crash!

Ipanema, I think nanginginig din ako because of caffeine overload--I need to make an obligatory order of coffee to get my free wifi eh..hehe.

Major Tom said...

Free WIFI's is such heavensent for travellers like you especially since most hotels now carry them in their cafes and restos. Maybe in the years to come, it'd be more advantageous to be WIFI connected than the usual.

mitsuru said...

well, you're not alone.:)

i mean you're not alone even if you think you are. hala ka! he-he

~wickedlysexy, c",) said...

well, hirap talaga pag nasanay ka na sa harap lagi ng computer...minsan during restdays, io promised i will stay away from the machine but guess what happened, i end up staying late pa rin browsing through lots of the webs....hay!hubby sometimes call me an "adik" na rin of sorts...hehe!