Friday, February 23, 2007

When You're Sick...You Don't Need A Doctor

"Take 1000 mg of vitamin C!"
"Take hot instead of room temp water!"
"Take calamansi juice!"
"Stop taking your medication for three days and see how things go!"
"Take your medication only at night!"
"Sleep early!"
"You shouldn't drink coffee when you're sick!"

Now the last unsolicited advice, I took offense. Nobody dares tell me to stop taking coffee, it's almost sacriligious to even suggest that!


Why does sickness make everyone around you become doctor wannabee's? In Cebuano, we call them M.D.s (ie. murag doktor=pretend doctors)

Don't you realize that when you get sick, you could actually make a compilation of all the advises given to you and sell a book on home remedies or something? But then again, maybe a book on the "100 weird advices you get when you're sick" would probably sell better. Ha!

I have had my share of really weird ones, like:
1. Drink your first urine in the morning.
2. Boil some of the shrubs that grow outside your house and drink the soup.
3. Drink boiled Coca Cola.
4. Hold your breathe for as long as you can (I found this actually effective in stopping hiccups!)

So far, none of the advices have worked (yikes, no! not the list right above, but the list "quotes" at the top, please!)

There are some others I don't (or refuse to) remember, but I guess the good thing about all this is that people around me actually care...then again, maybe they're just scared I'll spread my virus!

Signing off...*cough*cough*sniff*sniff*sigh*


Beng said...

I'm sorry to know you're sick. :( What's with the air lately? Everybody seems to be getting sick.

Here's an addition to the get-well tips:
"Don't take a bath. It's bad for you."

Hope you'll feel better soon. Maybe brownies would help. ;)

Anonymous said...

katakot... don't ever do the first one... hehehe... - hope you'll soon be better - jen

Toe said...

Get well soon Gypsy!

I do have an advice for you... DO NOT DRINK YOUR URINE! Hahahaha! Those weird advice are so weird. :)

Good thing about being sick, you have a great excuse to lie down all day and be lazy.

But I do hope you feel better soon.

hoop said...

Take Care Gypsy!

sexy mom said...

if you continue to be sick, consult a doctor (he he he)

Gypsy said...

Thanks, friends, for all your concern and (ehem) advices...feeling way better now. Maybe I just need another cup of coffee! Hehehe.

Lazarus said...

When we were kids, the first action is to pray. Ngayon, biogesic agad.

I heard the urine is for sore eyes. he he he.

Swipe said...
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Gypsy said...

Yup, I heard about that urine medication for sore eyes, too--hopefully I healed well enough without having to resort to urine when I had sore yes!

Wow, that's 2000mg A DAY. So I guess you don't get sick that easily?

Swipe said...

The Vitamin C advice seems to work for me when I have coughs and colds. I take 1000 mg in the morning and 1000 mg before going to sleep. I don't know whether it's psychological or physiological but it works for me.