Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Back On The Saddle

A few more days and my time in Davao will be up.

Goodbye to late night coffee binges with friends, alone time at the gym’s pool, Korean dramathons with Mom, loud chit chats with friends while pigging out, Bukidnon jaunts and inhaling clean Davao air.

Hello to Manila. *Sigh*

Time to get back on the saddle. Mind you, I’m good at waving goodbye…I guess the palm of my hand is all too familiar to a lot of my good friends already, having to wave goodbye so many times. But what makes goodbye “deal-able” is that it need not be permanent. I’ve had the pleasure of saying hello to friends I didn’t think I would ever bump into again.

Back on the road, I look forward to saying more hello’s and discovering what else is in store for me. There are tentative plans but, as they say, “man proposes, but God disposes” so I will canter on along the road and see what’s up ahead.

Meanwhile, I echo one part of a song I heard recently:
“And I will go where there are no easy roads
Leave the comforts that I know
I will go, and let this journey be my home,
I will go—I will go.”


hoop said...

Happy Trip Gypsy... paramdam ka kung babalik ka ulet dito :D

Abaniko said...

Now that you're in Manila, let's meet up with Beng and Aleks one of these days. When you guys aren't busy, of course. :D

tin-tin said...

masaya din naman sa manila. hehe ;p

jophen baui said...

What's that song mare? San yun? mukhang maganda. Ako I want to go and go but I'm stationery, completely your opposite. I'm not sure how permanent this is, but I sure hope that I God will help me bloom where I am. Magandang umaga.

Prab said...

Errr.. welcome back to Manila? :D Grabe, it looks like that was a long vacation. Kainggit.

sillyserious said...

ah, the gypsy is on the move again :) davao or manila, we hardly ever run into each other. so i think abaniko's idea of meeting up when u get settled is good.

safe trip!

Gypsy said...

Hoop, was good to meet you, sige, next time ulit. :)

Abaniko and Aleks, sure kitakits tayo, baka sakali mag-enjoy ako't mapawi ang aking pagiging homesick. Hehe...

Tin, sabagay, totoo rin..am also missing my friends in Manila, so it would be good to reconnect with them. :)

Joph, "I will go" yata title, di ko rin alam to, I forgot the melody na nga eh...I am sure you ARE blooming where you are planted.Ikaw pa, you can't help it! Hehe

Prab, para ngang long vacation, hehe..looking forward to the next one, pero mga another four years ulit, as per our organization's policy...

hoop said...

Just incase you'll be in Davao we're organizing a meetup on the 17th of March for bloggers, but prior to that we're also organizing EB's...so please drop me a line at my blog if you will be in the city... nga pala, ok lang pala mag refer ng blogger to go sa meet up... post nalang sa blog ko... hehehe