Saturday, February 03, 2007

Slice of Serenity

Overcast skies, cool breeze, and a pool with no one in it. That was the treat that greeted me this morning when I walked over to the nearby gym for a quick mid-morning swim. I had expected some people to be around since it’s a Saturday, but to my very pleasant surprise, I had a pool all to myself.

I’m not all that good a swimmer but doing laps once in a while gives me a bit of serenity that’s sometimes hard to find. When I’m swimming, I can think, pray, and reflect especially as each dip under mutes the world above and ushers you into a cool and generous embrace of a clear blue world below.

Life has a gracious way of springing slices of serenity on you when you least expect it.


Prab said...

Darn, I need time like that, and I usually die with envy everytime I read posts like this.

A bit unusual way on how you reflect though, by doing laps. I would imagine that normally one sits down under the shade of a tree and stare at nature or something. :)

Beng said...

This post made me wish I knew how to swim. :) Praise God for these moments. We need a slice of serenity every now and then this side of the world.

Abaniko said...

The last time I prayed while swimming was when I nearly drowned at a beach because of strong undercurrent. My prayer: "Lord, just get me to the shore please and I'll be a good boy." :D

Gypsy said...

Well, we all have different slices of serenity..I'm sure yours would be bonding with your nephews. :) Serenity in the midst of chaos! Hehehe.

Patawa ka talaga..hehe, so do you think you fulfilled your promise? :)

Gypsy said...

I wish I could do the sit-under-a-tree-and-stare-at-nothing kind of reflection time, but am too conscious about grass stains and ants that might "disturb" my reflection time. :)

Abaniko said...

Yeah. Then, I became a man. Hehe.

hoop said...

The great thing about swimming for exercise is that you don't feel your body sweating afterwards...*snicker*

bai, I wouldn't go swimming if I were you... hehehe