Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Bliss of Getting There

The whole point of traveling is to get “there.” Not for me, especially when I’m on my way to Bukidnon! The travel is as much a joy as the destination point. I always get refreshed from the four-hour (by bus) or three-hour (by private transport) travel just staring out at the wide open spaces, brilliant blue skies, rolling hills in different shades of green and the awesome mountains.

One of things that always come to mind as I take that scenic route to Bukidnon is, “The people who live here are sooo lucky!” But what I always see when I look out the bus window, are people seemingly blasé about the view from their windows (a view that would actually beat any ol’ calendar picture). In fact, many of them can be found hanging around by the side of the road, looking out to buses and cars that pass by, instead of staring out at the green expanse behind ironic is that!

But I guess too much of a good thing leads to boredom…and too little of a good thing leads to giddiness (when faced with the good things).

And I guess the oohhs and the aaahhs that come out of me are simply because staying in Manila meant I only get to “admire” soot-blackened, run-down buildings, murky grey skies and cramp spaces.

But if that makes me more appreciative of God’s creation—far from being blasé, then I guess staying in Manila has its benefits…I know, I know it’s a warped way of looking at the bright side, but hey, I have to find some good out of staying in Manila...instead of Bukidnon.


Anonymous said...

So what brings you to Bukidnon? Is it anywhere near Koronadal or South Cotabato? Forgive my poor geography. You really have a gypsy's life. :) And you seem to be enjoying it to the hilt. It's encouraging how you see the "good" in everything around you. Someday, I will be like you. :D

Gypsy said...

Thanks, Beng. :) Work, as usual, brings me to Bukidnon and all the other places. Might as well enjoy the ride while we all can.:)

niceheart said...

Just as you are giddy about the view outside the bus window, I think they are just as giddy to see a bus load of people from Manila. Because I bet you, as much as that green scenery takes your breath away, the life they lead may be as boring doing the same routines everyday.

You know, I work at home. And as much as I enjoy it because it's very convenient for me and my kids, I feel excited whenever I am asked to come to the office for meetings and luncheons because I get a break from the mundaneness of my everyday routine.

Gypsy said...

I guess you're right. :) It is what we consider novel that makes us giddy. :)

tin-tin said...

i have been to bukidnon once. well, we just visited dole (dole nga ba yun o del monte? hehe). it's a nice place. i've always been a manila girl. and living here has it's benefits. i hope to retire in a province but i don't know yet if bukidnon is in my list :)