Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alphabetically Thankful

I think the best way to cap the year is to give thanks for all that has happened, good or bad. I could just give a general thanks but that would rob me of the joy of identifying specific things I am thankful to God for, so here goes…

A – Apple. I had a wonderful three-year relationship with my iBook before he called it quits this year. Well, it was fun while it lasted…thanks anyway for the great experience.

B – Blogging! I discovered the joy of blogging last March and never regretted it. It has helped me in my writing skills (though I still have trouble with my prepositions) and also in becoming more perceptive about things that concern me.

C – CK, my 4-month old Toshiba laptop, despite its bulk, it is serving me well...I'm hoping this relationship will last a bit longer...

D – Davao. It’s great to spend a few months home on Sabbatical from work in Manila. There’s no place like home, and what a place to call home!

E – Emails. The long, windy and intimate ones I receive assures me that friends who are far away doesn’t mean they've become strangers.

F – Fellowship. Even though I value my alone time. I am thankful for friends I can fellowship with in a deeper level.

G – God’s Word. Not just anybody’s words, but His, most especially and most essentially. There are times when I feel like I'm tossed in restless waves of angst and confusion, His Word anchors me.

H – Home. These days I am hard put to figure out where home is, but it’s great to realize that where one’s mom is, there your home can be also. It is good to be home with my mom even if it's just for half a year. It isn’t always sunshiny sweet, but it is still a restful to be able to leave the adult rat race once in a while and simply be somebody’s child again.

I – Inexpensive Airfares. It is such a great thing that budget airlines are in vogue these days. I get to travel without having my organization pay so much!

J – Jesus, the friend who loves at all times, forgives at all times and believes in me at all times.

K – Ketchup. I can never do without a packet or two of ketchup in my bag, and it has come in handy. It’s very touching as well to know that some of my friends are collecting ketchup packets for, if that's not friendship, I don't know what is!

L – Late mornings. For a change, I get to sleep in a little bit later than usual. It’s wonderful to catch up with something that has become an almost unaffordable luxury to me.

M – Music. It wakens me, grips me, inspires me, and gladdens me. What would the world be without music?

N – Nighttime Musings. Since I am nocturnal by nature, inspiration usually hits when I am laying in bed, hoping to catch some sleep.

O – Opportunities. Some of the opportunities that come my way have been unbelievable, frankly speaking. I am just thankful that I have been given these opportunities…it could have easily gone to other more qualified people.

P – Provision. Living by faith as a Christian worker sounds grand but it can be “hairy” sometimes. When I am in a tight squeeze, I wonder how I will be provided for and God never fails to show me how, in His wonderful and unexpected way.

Q – Quiche. A good friend bakes spinach quiche for me and I'm glad she still makes it for me when I am really hankering for it.

R – Regrets. I have been thinking of things I have done in the past that I shouldn’t have. I know that they cannot be undone, but for what its worth, I can learn from them as I move on.

S – Silence. Those rare blocks of time when the only sound I hear is silence. I so need those times to just be quiet and hear myself think.

T – Travels. Being on the road has a lot of perks, from enjoying nice roadside scenes to meeting new people.

U – Unlimited Wi Fi Access. I get to enjoy this while in Davao, and really savoring it as long as I can, ‘cause when I get back to Manila, it will be back to the old dial-up drudgery...on second thought...I’m not sure this is something I should be thankful for...

V – Vacations—I mean mini ones. I can’t usually afford to be away from work for two straight weeks but the pockets of rest I get in between whenever has been helpful. But I hope to get a full two-week break next year…

W – Words. I love words. I love the fact that I don’t have to hold everything in...and that I have words to use to express my feelings and ideas.

X – Xasperations...minor ones, at least, like the neighbor’s 11pm to 3am drunken and frighteningly tone-deaf videoke sessions. I am not exactly sure why I should be thankful about it...maybe just to fill the letter X?

Y – Yahoo Messenger. Some of the friends on the list are hundred of miles away, but just to see them on line while I am working is great—it’s like their just working beside me.

Z – Zany humor (I know, a bit stretching it just to put something on “Z”). I thank God for giving me this gift, helps keeps me sane in trying moments.

So, how was your year?


Toe said...

This is a great list of things to be thankful for Gypsy. I use an iBook right now and I love it. Do you like your Toshiba?

niceheart said...

Great list, gypsy. We all have a lot to be thankful for.

On X - Xasperations. Why should you be thankful for the tone-deaf videoke sessions? Because that means you have the sense of hearing. Isn't that something to be thankful for? That's what my son would say. :)

niceheart said...
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Gypsy said...

Hi Toe, my Toshiba's okey..but I still miss my iBook--for one thing, I don't get virus scares with my iBook!

Hi Niceheart, oh, yes that's one thing to be thankful for! Hearing--and this just reminded me to go hunt for earplugs..thanks!:)

M I C H E L L E said...

great list u have! right we have lots of things to be thankful for and for me having this wonderful life is such a great blessing from God.

Merry Christmas! :)

manilenya said...

ano yung Ibook? sensya na boba po e, yan ang maganda sa pagbablog unti-unti may natutunan ako sa paligid ko, mga hindi nadarama ng mga palad ko, hindi naririnig ng mga tainga ko at hindi nadadaanan ng sulyap ng mga mata ko.....salamat sa link at tyak mula ngayon pag sinabi mo sa kin kung ano ang Ibook may matutunan ako mula sa yo.
Di nga, tamad ako magsearch para malaman e :)..pasensya na kung medyo makulit ang comment pampasaya lang ng nakakabatong buhay yan :) merry christmas po :)

Gypsy said...

Hi Michelle, thanks! Have a great Christmas yourself! :)

Hi Manilenya,Yong iBook ay isang type ng laptop ng Macintosh. Puti siya at cute...uhuhuh, namimiss ko na naman...Merry Christmas din sa yo!

Anonymous said...

I had intended to thank you for visiting my site, but inept that I am in this new, awesome thing called blogging, I moved the entry where your comment was and lost your message completely! Yes, there are a lot to be thankful for, and A to Z is best to really take stock of what has come and gone. You're doing a wonderful thing -- serving HIm through your "gypsy lifestyle." A rare opportunity not too many are blessed with! Thanks again... and thanks, too for linking me to your blog. Ate grace

Abaniko said...

Great list you've got here, Gypsy. It reminds everyone to be grateful for all the blessings received this year. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jojie! Pakopya ng ABCs pattern mo. I haven't finished reading this entry.. so that I won't subconsciously copy what you wrote :- ). Except for the Apple. :- ) i am really thankful for that! ---> jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Jojie, how was Christmas in Davao? You have an inspiring list here. Now I don't know if I could come up with an A-Z list myself but this sure got me thinking. But I agree with you on the B, the joys of blogging! :)

manilenya said...

tinanong ko sa sis ko na IT professional yang ibook na yan .. sabi nya ewan ko tapos natawa kasi mayamaya sinagot nya rin na maliit na laptop daw lol!