Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am posting this with a stupid grin on my face which I cannot, for the life of me, wipe off. This is because of three important things:

First, I FINISHED MY DISSERTATION--every single one of the 18,000 words has been spelled out (correctly, I hope) and typed in. Now I can slowly get myself out of the landslide of books that I have been buried under. The thing is I have yet to give it to my supervisor for a final look through but since he has been looking at bits and pieces of it over the past couple of months, my guess is that it shouldn't take too much tweaking. (fingers crossed).

Secondly, I AM A PROUD IRISH AUNT!! My closest friends here are a young Irish couple. Husband Mark woke me up at 6:30 this morning with a call to say that Rachel has given birth to a bouncing baby boy at 530am, more than a week ahead of schedule! Ohhhh...I am so unbelievably chuffed and so deeply touched that I was one of the first to be I sooo wish I can just hop on a plane to Belfast and see my Irish nephew in person. I'm sure he will look like me, what with amount of Chinese food his mom has been eating with me this past year!

Thirdly, and this is actually not my achievement. Rafa Nadal is the world's no. 1!! Yes, after that historic 5-hour match at Wimbledon this year, I have become a bonafide fan of this 22-year-old tennis wonder from Spain. French Open champion four times in a row, then Wimbledon (beating the mighty Federer on grass) and an Olympic Gold. "Wow" is an understatement, si?

Okey, so I am slowly coming back...but this last week will be a whirlwind of tying up loose ends, saying goodbye, sorting, packing and all the "regular" stuff a gypsy's gotta do--will squeeze time to slowly get back to the blog community and visit all of you soon, thank you so so much for your comments and visits even when I have not been coming over to your place these past months. Appreciate you all very much!


freeze said...

yipee! looking forward to your blog posts :D

Yeah, Nadal is IT!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo Jojie! Congratulations!
We are in Thailand, enjoying the good vacation life for a few weeks. Having wireless is a bonus. :-)
See you in Oct.

Lawstude said...

well done gypsy. congratulations.

got here via some links in my blogger friends so i decided to pay a visit. i really enjoyed reading your posts and i'll be back here. have a nice day.

R-yo said...


mitsuru said...

Congrats Gypsy. Time to roam the emerald Isle. :)

Sojourner said...

You never really left ...
As we sojourners know!
Away for a while ...
Just for a season though!
Then like spring
(for those of us who have it)
the radiance returns,
and we forget the winter
your absence brought,
when we your presence sought.

But now you're back;
with smiling faces,
our hearts aglow by Gypsy* graces!

Pity those who never part,
who never hear the words of love
that separation brings.
Nor arms of joy when all's restored.

For theirs is loss, not ours dear friend.
For parting, sweet sorrow such that it is,
is one that many ne'er will taste!
But we, again and again,
at times in haste,
do suck this breast,
and in pain do feed,
till restored once more, as if our creed!

Welcome back, my gypsy friend,
For all the more you have become,
one intercontinental gypsy.
For now you know, as we have known!
And tears invisible yes you see,
and weep as if your own.
And smile we do, when you we see,
for in your eyes we now are known!

Your fellow Sojourner

* your fair

© Sojourner. Aug 2008 (for Gypsy).

vernaloo said...

hey Gypsy!

hay you're coming back na at ako naman ay paalis na. OH well...

Anyway congratulations on being an aunt to an Irish baby hehe I'm a fan of Nora Roberts pocketbooks and Ireland is always the location of her stories. She describes it so beautifully that I dreamed of going to Ireland hehe

Glad to hear you're going back to blogging na...kitakits na lang tayo sa blogging world.

Take care my friend!

Ashen said...

I missed being here! Anyways, that was a pretty long post! I didn't know you watch the olympics. I actually personally like Phelps. :)

Rudy said...

Oi Siobe! Kailan ba ang balik mo? Oops, where are my manners? Congrats pala, hehe. :-D Man, has it been a year already?

Rowena said...

Congrats Gypsy...Hope to finally meet you when you get back here in Manila. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Congrats duds! Woohoo!

Excited to see you soon. God bless you.


kathy said...

Congrats Gypsy! Now you can take that well-deserved break. Just take it easy from hereon. :)

carlotta1924 said...

huwaw congrats gypsy! sarap siguro ng feeling, no? woohoo!

ingats! =)

Toe said...

Wow Gypsy, ang galing! You finished your dissertation. :) Yes, I like Nadal too. Although I do hope that his Federer is not yet down and that their rivalry would make men's tennis verrrrry interesting.

Pax's mother. said...

hi gyps.
congratulations on finishing your work!
glad to see you back.

on a side note:
since i know that you pray,
please pray that my new dog is a good addition to our family.

i honestly feel that this dog came into our life for a reason and i would so like a sign confirming this.
(as if you don't have enough to do)