Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Glimpses of South Thailand

Bird Cages are typical of the South. I love their elaborate designs!

Those white stuff on this little girl's face is baby powder. They make sure traces of white powder are obvious--so people will know they are clean!

I love these elaborate lamposts!! They're along the major streets in Yala.

The Michelin Man knows he needs to "wai" before he can sell tires to the Thai!

This is what I never got to do while in Yala: picnic at the park!!

This is a typical Thai house. It looks like an exotic lamp at night when the yellow lights in the house are lit.

On my way to Hatyai, I noticed that the van I rode had a Muslim talisman dangling from the mirror--and a white Buddhist lei on the aircon vent in front of me (dont know if its just for the scent or for safety like the Muslim talisman in front). Ironically, I just noticed while uploading this pic that a military vehicle happened to be in front of us..for additional safety precaution too, I guess!

Moi enjoying the pine tree-dotted beach in Songkhla, Hatyai province.

*apologies for the lousy lay-out! I don't know how to put the caption in with the photos properly. Hope you enjoyed the photos, though.


vernaloo said...

natawa ako sa baby powder! oo nga noh!

Wil said...

Good to see that the michelin man is sensitive to thai custom/culture and that he's not just trying to sell tires. hehe

annamanila said...

Thanks for pictorial essay.

I was asking myself -- how does Gypsy do a splendid layout like this. And then I read your apologies!

Hey, where is Yala? Is that anywhere near Bangkok. The pictures are splendid. You chose your scenes well. Para tuloy gusto kong magpunta dyan. Pero mainit din hindi ba -- tulad dito?

Marilyn said...

Hi I am finally able to comment. Pretty photos and great stories!

kathy said...

Hey, a pine tree in the middle of the beach? You looked so comfy in your spot there. :) Thanks for sharing the pics. Loved the one with the innocent-looking girl looking out of the vehicle.

ipanema said...

South Thailand is a mix of Muslims and Buddhists. Perhaps because of its proximity to Malaysia.

Thai architecture is very distinctive huh? Love those bird cages and lamp posts.

Thanks for sharing the photos.

I can post comment if there is a link on another account. I just discovered this. :)

snglguy said...

Hope all is quiet in Southern Thailand these days. Recent news coming out of that southern province doesn't paint a pretty picture of the peace and order situation. It seems like such a tranquil place pa naman.

Great pics! Err, does this mean that you're not back yet?

Take care, Sio-be...

mon said...

Ganda ng mga pictures, sulit si TK.

napansin ko elevated ang bahay na nasa picture, common ba yan o baka malapit lang sa seafront?

melai said...

wow naman sis naeenjoy mo ang digicam mong mabuti ha :)

Alternati said...

Great pics. I love that pic of the little girl. I didn't know that about the baby powder... interesting.

Thai architecture is one of my fave kinds of asian architecture, very ornate but can still be modernized.

LOL at the Michelin Man. :)

niceheart said...

Looks like you are enjoying your trip and your new camera. :)

Nice shots, btw. :)

gibbs cadiz said...

wow. beautiful pics, gypsy. i'd love to visit this place, too! :)

Toe said...

Great pictures, Gypsy! South of Thailand seems so idyllic. The traditional Thai houses also look the same as traditional Cambodian houses. Glad you're enjoying your stay there!

Leah said...

Great pix Gypsy. Keep 'em coming. On the contrary the post look great ..no apologies needed.

Gypsy said...

Verns, you should see the kids when they get out of school in the afternoon--ang puputi ng mukha. They put powder on their faces before going home para mukhang "fresh." Hehe.

Wil, I was actually looking for Ronald McDonald doing the "wai." Pero wala pang McDo sa Yala, eh. :)

Anna, tagal ko ngang ni lay out to, grabe--tsamba, tsamba lang. Yala is in the deep South, almost bordering Malaysia na. Oo, mainit din and people are afraid to go there because of the unrest--which is a pity.

Marilyn, hope you can upload your comments again next time! Great to catch up with you in Singapore!

Kathy, your welcome! I actually just sat for a couple of minutes under the pine tree, mainly for the photo op! Hehe.

Ipanema, great to know you can post your comments na ulit. I love Thai designs too. :)

Snglguy, yup am back na talaga. Medyo na-overwhelm lang ako sa backlog na trabaho. Hehe. Tranquil naman except for the occasional bombs, its like Mindanao, not as bad as the press portrays it.

Mon, yup sulit nga si TK!! They like elevating their houses and have gatherings underneath it on special occasions.

Melai, okey nga tong bago kong boyfriend. Hehe.

Alternati, natawa din ako sa Michelin Man thats why I took the effort to take the photo even though it was across the street and cars were zooming by me..

Niceheart, thanks. I actually made sure to bring my camera everywhere I go--like you! :)

Gibbs, kahit na medyo remote and obscure ang towns sa South Thailand, its a wonderful place..and would you believe, daming pinoy don, teaching English!

Toe, I did enjoy my time there--I was actually debating whether to upload photos of food or scenery, it was a tough choice. Hehe.

melai said...

at ang gaganda ng mga shots mo baka mamaya maging photoblog na to ha :)

Gypsy said...

Hi Melai, thanks! Alam mo ba di ako maka upload ng comment sa blog mo? Dunno why...:(

Adobobo said...

Nice pics! They reminded me of why I'd love to visit Thailand someday. Everything there just seems so exotic!

Enjoyed reading the bits of Thai trivia, too! Uso diay didto ang mukhang-espasol. =)