Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Coming Home

Last night, when the plane touched down, I couldn’t keep a smile from spreading on my face. I’m home again--after two years of being away! I was back to my second home: Thailand!

The fact that I had to face a rather grouchy Thai immigration officer at the Hatyai International Airport didn’t dampen my spirit—hearing his sing-song Thai-accented English was a welcome sound. “Madaam, pleet suhtey in fron op kameraaa. Okee…net pehson pleet!”

As with most of my travels, I’m here in business but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel pleasure, right? So it was great to wake up to a sunny morning in Hatyai. The view from my hotel room wasn’t exactly impressive but after having been through a rainy week in Singapore, it was great to see the sun out.

Memories flood back of my time here and all the wonderful adventures I had to endure-- err--I mean, experienced! I should one day take that trip down memory lane and share with you some of my adventures!

Meanwhile, I’ve traveled down one of the least traveled routes these days, that is, to Yala, deep into South Thailand to visit a colleague. After passing one sleepy military checkpoint, it was a smooth uneventful ride from there. You know you are in “frontier country” when you discover that your roaming has been cut off—for security reasons, the Thai government hasn’t allowed roaming in South Thailand since the unrest started.

It’s really a pity to see people kept away from the South because of the bad news that’s been coming out. To me, it’s still great to be back and I look forward to practicing my rusty Thai—and eating the best Pad Thai, ever, which is just a block from where I’m staying!

Sawadii Kha!!


Beng said...

With holy envy, I say--I wish I was where you are right now. I'd be happy to keep you company while you eat your Pad Thai. Save the new memories you'll make of Thailand. I'd be happy to hear about them when you get back. :)

hoop said...

Weeee Thailand!

Enjoy your stay :D

snglguy said...

Wow! Out of the country again? Buti ka pa. Anyways, take care and be careful out there... :-)

vernaloo said...

ahhh Thailand! I have yet to go there. They say it's great to go shopping in Thailand. Much cheaper compared to HK hehehe :)

I do wish you'll have a blast there Mare...oh well...surely you will :)


annamanila said...

Oh my you're really a gypsy! You must be with an international aid/development agency. Nice job you got.

Thailand is also one of my favorite places -- for its cultural richness/exotica, the food (oooh especially the food), and the shopping!! But it's warmer than there than here?

Do you know there's a Thai Chat Box (TCB) online where Thailand-admirers converge? My friend is a moderator there. :)

Have fun! And good luck dun sa official side of your trip.

Wil said...

Wish my job would pay for me to travel. You guys hiring? hehe

enjoy your stay in Thailand! :)

Abaniko said...

NPA ka talaga! No Permanent Address. Haha. But I want to trade places with you. I love to travel too. Anyway, enjoy and take great pics, okay?

mon said...

Talaga palang itinodo na ang gala. I'm sure you're having the time of your life. Sayang lang pambayad sa Hotel eh di ka naman matutulog sa kaka party noh :P

kathy said...

Wow, I love Pad Thai! That was the one food that left a lasting impression on me when we were in that country. :)
Have fun and stay safe! :)

Gypsy said...

Hi Guys, thanks all of you for your comments--I spent quite some time last nite responding to each comment only to have the internet connection fail on me!! So posting photos at this point is out of the question...wish you were ALL here with me!! :-)

Toe said...

I love Thailand! I prefer the old airport to the new one though. Parang mas masungit nga sila sa bagong airport. Wow, exciting... going to the South. :)

grace d. chong said...

I was in the Thailand Airport for five hours waiting for my connecting flight to Cambodia last week. I wasted no time in eating Pad Thai and window shopping. You're so blessed to be back there. Have fun!

Ate grace