Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wheeee! Wifi!

Oh Joy!! Finally! A decent-paced wifi connection at NCCC Mall here in Matina,Davao. And you can imagine how much of a joy this is after four agonizing days of snail-paced connection? My brother told me at dinner about this strong wifi connection from what he read in the local newspapers and off I went, with family in tow. I managed to convince them they needed to do some grocery shopping. And so off we went!

So here I am doing all I need to get done, downloading my emails, replying to them, chatting with a friend, moderating my blog comments, etc etc...Wheeee! All these while sitted at a bench and my laptop on my lap (for a change). Since Christmas set me back quite a bit in finance, I sure am glad I can just sit on a bench and do my email without the obligatory cup of latte.

Ahh, what would one do without internet connection...come to think of it, what can one do with SLOW wifi connection??

Wish that Taiwan earthquake-caused communication problem gets worked out soon, or else...(shudder!)


hoop said...

I think the WiFi at BluGre is free as long as you buy coffee? :D

Gypsy said...

Yes, the great thing about Davao is that almost all coffee shops have free wifi, with varying degrees of "conditions." But with NCCC, you're not obligated to order anything..yeah, I know..I am a cheapskate..for now, blame it on post Christmas wallet blues. Hehe!
By the way, am posting this at NCCC Mall--again! :)

Anonymous said...

they said it would all be better by the 21st of january. let's all cross our fingers for a speedier connection.