Friday, October 13, 2006

That Off Line Feeling

I'm hanging out at my aunt's place in Gen San the past two days and its been pretty laid back, just the pace I like my vacations to be. But what was really curious was my reaction when I found out they had DSL!

You see, I had been in Gen San for about a week already, but the first few days, I was holding a workshop and staying in a place where the outside world was only accessible either by my cellphone or by tricycle. When my hosts mentioned this, I was quite cool about it. In fact, I thought, this would be great since it will give me a chance to just disconnect and focus on the workshop plus throw in some retreat time for myself. Well, the 4-day stay went quickly enough and I was pretty proud of myself for staying nonchalantly disconnected all that time.

Until I got to my Aunt's place...with the workshop done and nothing else to focus on but thoughts of next week's work schedule...I started to get that "I-must-get-on-line" feeling. I wondered when the twicthy feeling would pass since I was almost positive that I would have to stay off-line for a few more days--since I assumed that my Aunt didnt know a thing about going on line--until I saw their computer and my cousin typing away on it...and ventured to ask the all-important question, "Do you have DSL?"

The feeling I had must be similar to that of a coke addict finally taking a hit after days of trying to stay clean...hmmm...not a pleasant comparison, but I have to admit that this has become sort of an addiction. Sigh.

So here I am on-line, relief flowing through my veins as I checked my inbox and answered all the important(?) emails. I had thought I would simply spend my time at my aunt's place resting and enjoying "other stuff" that being off line would bring me. So I am not sure this is a good thing...being on line that is.

I hope I can go off-line after this...though I would'nt bet on it...would somebody please start a webaholic anonymous group???? On line???


Anonymous said...

Is your feeling like that of a desert traveller who after days and days of walking suddenly sees a water station that sells--what else?--cold water that makes you realize you won't die after all? :)

Yeah, there should be a webaholics anonymous, members meet online and they get to confess how many hours they spent logged on.

You could actually "rest" while browsing and hide it under the name "multi-tasking." Who says you can only rest lying down? haha. making excuses here. Glad you're online.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my Blog and if you ever get that webaholics anonymous group together, feel free to sign me up.

Abaniko said...

Don't worry. Your wish will be granted. Because after being online, there's no other way but to go offline. Hehe. Nagpapatawa lang. Ingatz.

Lazarus said...

i'd like to sign up in webaholics anonymous group. :)