Saturday, October 21, 2006

Marang, Bay!

What’s that smell?

Whoa! there it is again! Whew!

What other fruit would give such a strong olfactory impression other than the (in)famous durian? Everywhere you go now in Davao, and many other cities in Mindanao, you see them precariously piled high in all their thorny splendour. If the aroma is not a scent to behold for you, then maybe the sight does! Not many fruits look as interesting as a durian—and that’s why it gets a lot of attention--and loyalty from fellow Mindanaoans.

So, I am afraid that I have been subjected to much persecution because I dare to admit that I don’t eat durian. I like Marang better—that declaration should be enough to assure people that I am still very much a true blue Mindanaoan, but no, sir, it doesn’t!

I don’t understand why the lowly Marang is overlooked and underrated. Hey if you give the Marang a chance, you’ll realize that it has better qualities than the overrated durian!

Firstly, its just as odd-looking as the durian but not as harmful. If you accidentally drop a Marang on your foot, you’ll be a bit sticky but you’re okey--but if it’s a durian….(never mind, don’t want to get into too much gore here.)

Secondly, its aroma is definitely not going to make you wrinkle your nose or (to some others) violently sick. Its mild scent invites people to come and savor it, unlike the durian who boldly proclaims its aroma (or odor, depends who’s smelling) but delivers quite a different taste.

Thirdly, check out its mild, sweet taste! Why go for the bitter zing when life’s already giving you heaps of that? Just let the Marang's sweet taste melt in your mouth and you’re in 7th heaven.

Fourthly, with Marang, nobody’s going to run away when you suddenly burp! While the durian has been known to break up marriages…(alright! temporarily, at least..!)

May the Marang get better press from now on, it deserves the honor!


Abaniko said...

I used to eat marang a lot but got bolder over time and started eating durian. The problem with marang is that its taste is too ordinarily sweet. :)

Bengka said...

hahahahha. you would have sold tons and make millions... but i do agree it's one of the best yet of davao.... salivating profusely from now until....don't know when. bengka

Gypsy said...

Hi Abaniko, oh can't convert everyone...I tried my best.One day, Davao will be known as Marangland!! Bwahahaha! ;)

Hi Bengka, I'm sure any pinoy food I about will make you salivate profusely! Uli na ka!

Shirley said...

Alright...but is there such a thing as seedless marang? That would definitely minimize "stress" to my tongue!

Gypsy said...

Seedless Marang?! Hmm...might look really really a wet hairy white dog...not very appetizing to look at. Hehehe..

Lazarus said...

I haven't eaten a real durian fruit. But I also think that Marang tastes better. There's plenty of it in Cagayan and in Bukidnon.

Nostalgia Manila said...

You've got a GREAT blog! Really enjoyed reading. Would love to do a link exchange. :)

Maraming salamat!
--Nostalgia Manila

Anonymous said...

what's marang? not familiar with the fruit, though i might recognize it if i see it. where can i find one kaya in manila? wanna try it! :)

Gypsy said...

Hi Lazarus,
Yes, Mindanao is Marang haven. :) That's why I love it here.

Hi Nostalgia
Thanks for dropping by, will link you up!

Hi Gibbs,
Nakita ko sa SM groceries sa Manila but they look beat-up and pathetic. Marang is very fragile and when it ripens, you have to eat it fast since it also spoils fast. If you have friends in Mindanao, maybe you can get them to send you one thats still green outside, and wait for it to turn light brown before you open it. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

kill me please but don't let me eat any one of them :- ) sorry gypsy... i can only bear the durian as a sweetened candy... goes to show that i can never pose as someone from Mindanao :- ) - jen

Gypsy said...

Hi Jen
Well, if you like our suha or mangosteen, you can still pass! :)

Anonymous said...

hey! love them both : -) i guess i can be a fake mindanawan then? hehehe... - jen

Anonymous said...

You guys are nuts. Durian is the best. Nothing beats it.