Saturday, July 01, 2006

Airport Blooper

I consider myself a semi-seasoned traveller. You would think that being in and out of several Asian airports would make figuring out the ETD a piece of cake..BUZZ! Wrong!

I had just breezed though the check in counter and immigration. I gleefully received some money back as tax refund for the computer and software I bought. I also got a nice tote bag full of freebies since I happen to be flying on the 25th birthday of Singapore's Changi Airport.

What perks, I thought as I counted the money I got for my refund. The I checked my boarding pass which says boarding gate closes 10 minutes before flight, then I checked my ticket and did my maths and thought Omigosh! I have 20 minutes left before boarding!!

So I tried to figure out all the signs and decided where Gate E4 was. Halfway down the great long hall, I checked the gates...E22....E24....E25...E26....It took a few more gates down the hall for me to realize I was going down the wrong hall. (Duh)

So after a quick u-turn, I careened down the hall filled with travellers going the other direction (THEY got their directions right!). With my hand carry stuff rattling on the cart, I sped off....

When I got to gate E4, it was closed and after a momentary panic, I noticed the row of bored passengers outside the gate, throwing puzzled looks at me as I tried to catch my breathe and wiped the beads of sweat on my forehead, then realized...ooops...I was one hour early (ie. boarding was 145, that is 1330 and not 1230 as I thought.) *blush*blush*

So I guess there's no sense in me faking that bored air of a seasoned traveller.

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