Monday, June 08, 2009

Okey, Fine, I am Happy for Roger.

My feelings for Roger Federer have always been a bit ambiguous. Partly because I root for Rafa, and partly because he can sometimes be arrogant and a sore loser. But seeing him crying tears of joy as he held on tightly to that French Open trophy which had eluded him for four long years, you can’t help but feel happy for the guy.

I guess there’s something in each of us that makes us understand in a kindred sort of way, how it would feel like to finally achieve what we have long worked for or to see an almost impossible dream suddenly fulfilled.

Even if you are not a tennis fan, I am sure that you can at least relate to that feeling, right?

Allez, Roger…until Wimbledon.


Wil said...

Nadal's knee problems makes me question whether he's durable enough to have a long tennis career. If not, the sky's the limit for Federer.

zherwin said...

it has been a roller coaster ride for him, before rafa, federer has been unstoppable and then nadal came and roger was surprised (i guess).

Federer is already in the tennis history book, but for me Pete Sampras is still the greatest (forget about the number of majors won, just think of the competition that sampras had during his time). :)

Major Tom said...

Oh, Roger is such a cry baby. He is a very strong guy with a very soft heart. And that makes him extra special.

freeze said...

it's now or never for Federer, good for him! but i'm really sad for Rafa.

backpacking philippines said...

it's simply beacuse the french open trophy eluded him for years ...not a big tennis fan but i love watching sharapova and her signature grunts

Crescent said...

i am so heart-broken...but you know, give chance to the retirees.. hehe. it's a gift for the new father, that french cup. rafa was just pressurized by tons of expectations and the non-stop playing (causing his knees to be even more in danger of breaking). i suppose he'll bounce back as if nothing happened - as he always does. vamos still. ;)

vernaloo said...

sheesh...I don't know these guys hehe I just know Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi =)

but anyway...yeah I can totally relate about being happy for someone's achievement even though you don't personally know them. I mean I was super mega happy for Britney Spears when she finally came to her senses hehe :)

Gypsy said...

Yeah thats a long running issue it seems--I read somewhere thats why he is changing his game a bit and also losing some more weight. Hope it will be effective...

Yeah that greatest in history is a huge debate in the tennisworld it seems...but i think its hard to evaluate who is The greatest--better to list him as One of the greatest, I think.

Major Tom
He is in touch with his feminine side, I got teary-eyed myself when I saw him cry at the RG trophy ceremonies. :)

I think there might be a few more for Rog, tho I would rather Rafa also get his Grand Slam run!

Rafa grunts, too---so you would like him! :)

Yehey! Nice to know there are quite a few Rafa fans in my blog community!!

Haha!! O nga no, happy for Britney--naman, dapat lang no, nanay na siya..hehe.

bing said...

i am not a sports enthusiast but i like Federer.. and i do feel for him. :-)

paolo said...

i too like Nadal more than Federer. i stopped following the competition when Nadal was eliminated.

Swipe said...

in the words of Andre Agassi, if not for that freak from Mallorca (which is a compliment), Federer would've won the French 4 years ago. :)

mitsuru said...

finally federer got that elusive crown at roland garros. federer is one of the greatest having won all the majors which sampras wasn;t able to do. but i am an agassi fan noon. i don't like nadal though. he-he.

i prefer the wta nowadays because of maria sharapova. haha.