Thursday, March 20, 2008

This Day in Paradise

This day in Paradise
new feet are treading through
high halls of gold

This day in Paradise
new legs are striding over jewelled fields in which
the diamond
is considered ordinary.

This day in Paradise
new eyes have glimpsed the deep fire ready
to flame the stale earth pure.

This day in Paradise
new blood, the rose-red juice that gushed at Golgotha
now ripples and races down the pure veins
of a recently arrived beloved.

This day in Paradise

a new heart pounds in praise
a new body, shaped by sacrifice.

This day in Paradise

the daunting dart of death
has no point
no place
and no meaning.
And whilst we mourn and weep
through these human hours
this day in Paradise
the blazing embrace
between Saviour and Son,
goes on, and on, and on.

- By Stewart Henderson in A Giant's Scrapbook.


Rudy said...

Just passing by to greet you a Happy Easter, siobe... :-)

niceheart said...

Looks like you're doing a lot of reflection this holy week, gypsy.

Have a nice and happy easter. :)

hype said...

happy easter. great reflection, looks like the holy week has been productive to most of us.

allow me to introduce what i did over the week as well as invite you to bookmark your sites for greater exposure. please visit and let readers vote for your articles or discuss it.


the donG said...

this day in paradise i hope i was already there.

ashen said...

Lovin' this excerpt. It really fits the Holy Week season.

Josh of Arabia said...

belated happi easter ms gypsy..long time..i really luv that pix of christ as well as the msg of the poem :)

do visit me again:)