Friday, October 26, 2007

---and there's English (Part II)

...and I also learned that...

Bangers are not some kind of gang but actually something you eat (and we all have eaten it as sausage.)

Aubergines are what you put in moussaka and this makes it sound more posh than saying, “I put eggplant in my vegetarian lasagna.”

Barbies are not what little girls play with, in fact, kids are not allowed near it since its where they grill their bangers and burgers.

“Pee” is not what you do in the toilet but that’s the price range I can afford (and happy to pay for).

Chips are also made of potatoes but they are not thin and crispy (those would be crisps!)—and they are said to go well with fish and vinegar. (and I, of course, still prefer ketchup!)

Courgette sounds more romantic thus the Brits prefer to eat this than the humble zucchini.

Jacket potatoes do not mean fashionable spuds in leather, they’re just spuds baked in their skin. (Ouch!)

When you’re chuffed, it means you’re happy and not irritated or itchy with rashes.

Runs are not what you do everyday to keep healthy---in fact, if you have them everyday, you’d get dehydrated and have to admit yourself into the hospital (so be careful what you stuff yourself with!)

A garage is not where you park your car and leave, its were you “fill” your car and leave. (Fill it with…what? Remember the previous post? Yes! Petrol!! Well done!)

Powerpoints are not produced by Microsoft, but you need to get your computers plugged into them to use your Microsoft (or Mac).

A coach is not somebody who yells at you when you shoot the ball into the wrong basket, its what you might want to take when you need to go out of town.

A jumper is not the coverall Dennis the Menace usually wears—well, actually, he might need to wear a jumper when its cold…

A chemist is not somebody who works at a laboratory, it's a place to buy your drugs, I mean, your medicine.

A hole in a wall is not what you haunt for if you’re on a gastronomic adventure but it’s where you might need to get money from if you do go on one.

The Subway is where you get a nice (and pricey) sandwich and the underground is where you catch the trains.

Broody is not when you are in the mood to brood but when you are in the mood for a brood (ie. bushel of babies!)

I could go on and on…but hey, I 'm still learning! Cheerio for now, mates!


ipanema said... you're learning loads.

be well! happy weekend! :)

snglguy said...

Di ba they also have this sausage dish called Spotted Dick? Naughty talaga yangmga Brits, hehe :-D

carlotta said...

sosi nga naman kung aubergines at courgettes ang gagamitin =) naguluhan din ako sa jumper nung binabasa ko ang isang fan website ng the corrs =)

at kaya pala hindi ko masyadong maintindihan yung cookbook na nabili ko sa doulos... printed in britain pala! baka pwede mo akong tulungan i-decipher yung ibang terms dun hehehe =)

off topic, kaka-adict nga yung aquarium ano? kaso hindi naman lumalaki yung mga isda lolol =)

zherwin said...

yay! and the world now is more complicated and confusing than i thought! hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jie,

Pinuntahan ko lang ang blog mo para mag-say ng - HI!!!!!
Kalalagay ko lang ng PLDT DSL dito sa opis pero paputol-putol pa rin. Miss ka na namin dito. Hanggang sa muli.


Major Tom said...

A very interesting post. I am in fact so ineterested in learning the main differences between English in America and UK. It's ironic that England is where the language had took roots and yet we find it funny how they use their words.

I remember learning how "spectacle" are actually eyeglasses; mobiles are cars, lifts, elevators; and so on and so forth.

Abaniko said...

You sure have learned a lot in your short stay in UK so far. Do they have another term for beer drinkers? :D

kathy said...

Sobra ko ka occupied lately..sorry for not writing decent letters. Buti your kind bro let me use his/your computer to write this comment.

Enjoying your blog. I actually like British English better than American English but only after I returned to pinas. I was complaining all the time about their vocabulary when I was there which is kind of insensitive of me. Good thing Brits are always polite and would just smile.

Cheers mate! Enjoy your discoveries...

Jap said...

I love Subway. =)

Oh, why did you leave out the nasty stuff? Like shag or wanker? hehehe

Gypsy said...

Ipanema, you can say that again! I have some more words but I dont want to overdo it (or myself!)

Snglguy, ikaw ang naughty!! I just knew somebody would bring this up--and I am not surprised its you! haha! Actually its a dessert so its not a sausage. ;)

Carlotta, I sometimes google the words out so I am able to check out what the Brits actually mean--so you could try that, but I would be happy to help you decipher them. :) I want an aquarium like that in my blog, too, pang compromise since I think it's not realistic for me to get the real thing, mamatay lang ang isda..hehe.

Zherwin, or you could say more interesting and fun!

Gilchrist, thanks for dropping by! Hope your PLDT DSL works out better than the previous one..was it bayantel?

Major Tom, I think we Filipinos ind it strange since we are exposed to American English--my Singaporean and Malaysian friends dont need to adjust much..except when they visit the Phils!

Abaniko...hmm..have to research that! But I guess you'll enjoy it here since there are pubs in almost every block!

Kathy, now you're missing being here then! Not these days probably since it is getting to be incredibly (or as some Brits would say, stupidly) cold! BRRR...

Jap, me love Subway too--kaso ang mahal sobra! Re the nasty stuff--sorry ha, rated GP kasi blog ko, nyehehe...

Beng said...

Hi Gypsy, been learning a lot of "English" words here ha. How come Ate Lindy doesn't teach us these?;)

Wil said...

the subway in northern california is called light rail or just BART (bay area rapid transit). they say subway more in the US east coast as opposed to the west coast. i've eaten at Subway. hehe

the runs there are also called the runs here. :D

and i believe the aussies also say barbie to refer to their bbq.

niceheart said...

I learned a lot from this post.

It's also fish and chips here. Same with runs.

Barbie, I already heard that before. And of course jumper from the Harry Potter books. Oh how Ron hated the jumpers his mum made for him. :)

paolomendoza said...

so a chemist is not a person but a place? ooh.. thats the hardest to adjust to. i like this series.. i kinda learn others cultures.

kayni said...

I actually love chips with It does sound bad, but I got used to it. Now, I crave for it.

vernaloo said...

shucks di ko na gets yung iba! Blimey! hehehe

mabasa nga ulit waaaaaaa..boba eh noh hahaha

Leah said...

Surely get a hoot from this loot of words you jumble into my brain. Very well said.

Fun stuff. I'll be sure to use a couple of them words in my conversations. (if the need ever arise)

Gypsy said...

Beng, you can ask her about these words and see what she says--it might make her nostalgic. ;)

Wil, oh marami din palang same meaning with American English--I wonder who followed who?! hehe..oops sensitive pala yan na issue..

Pao, oo nga--dami ko natutunan dito, kinda fun to share it with you guys. :)

Kayni, really? Nagustuhan mo? I dunno if I will...mahirap kasi ketchup girl talaga ako, hehe.

Verns, interestingly, I haven't heard anyone say blimey just yet-hehe. But everyone calls everyone else "love." Nice, huh?

Leah, thanks and hope you get the chance to try them--enjoy!

Edward Khoo said...

Very interesting, especially the one about Barbie!

annamanila said...

I am learning a lot of britspeak from you and pining (hinaing ni pining) who's UK based. Do you read her. She's very nice too.