Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cherish, Dont Cling

In the past three months, I saw:
My laptop crashing.
My eyeglasses snap.
My wristwatch break.
My thumbdrive not working.

Weird that all of them should go, one after the other. In a span of a few months. For every object that broke, I kept saying to myself, these are just “things.” There’s more to life than “things.”

Knowing this has not kept me from feeling ticked off, to say the least. It’s not just that they happened one after the other, or that this has set me back financially—big time, but it's more the sentiments I’ve attached to these things. Each one has a special reason for being bought, and as I use them, memories pile up to make each thing more valuable than the price I paid for them.

I can choose to go on and feel miserable about it—hey, its fun to wallow in self-pity. But I have a life. So I choose to move on. I realize that these things could’ve been broken relationships, friends who’ve moved, or dear ones who’ve left this life. I’ve had my share of these as well…and I chose to move on as well.

But I have been learned somewhere along my journey, to
Cherish…family, friends, memories, things with special meaning, and not cling on to them, instead, cling on to…God’s Word, His love and His promises.


Beng said...

I'm sorry to hear about the things you've lost. It still stings a bit, especially if its value increased with sentiments.
I remember crying over my old phone, and hwo I sometimes feel I'm missing it.
But thanks for this good reminder--cherish, don't cling. Something that should be tagged to every item I buy.
I don't think you'd have much trouble "recovering" from your losses. You've got your heart in the right place. :-)

Abaniko said...

In spite of your losses, I think you won't have any problems coping. It's because you have the right attitude. Keep it up!

Gypsy said...

Thanks Beng and Abaniko, its good to know, too, that time heals all wounds! :)